25 Oddly Disturbing Pictures From History –


1. A promotional picture for the French film “Eyes Without A Face” in 1960.

2. Actress Tipi Hedren lets her pet lion pretend to gnaw her arm for a photo shoot in 1970. She said she regrets letting the lion sleep in her daughters (Melanie Griffith) bed. I wonder if she regrets letting 14 year old Griffith move in with 22 year old Don Johnson too…

3. A family takes a picture with a rabbit character at Disneyland in 1958.

4. A river pirate who killed at least 6 people including gouging a victims eyes out is awaiting his execution in China in 1900. He is standing on stones or wood beams. Each day, 1 will be removed as his head is secured on the top. Eventually he will have nothing to stand on and strangle to death.

5. Gerald Gardner practicing a Wiccan ritual using a mummified monkey that had been altered in London, England in 1952.

6. School children salute the flag in the US in 1915. This was known as the Bellamy salute, and was the same as the Nazi’s salute well before the Nazi’s existed. Once Germany became an enemy to the US, the Pledge of Allegiance salute was formally changed.

7. Female convicts of a penal colony in the area of Tanganyika in 1905.

8. A man wears womens clothes in England in 1895.

9. A black man is punished for a crime by being tied to a whipping post and publicly flogged in Delaware, US in 1900. Such a punishment was only for black people. Note: The term “cracker” was given to white people who were quick to whip their slaves. It is because the whip made a cracking sound when hitting flesh.

10. 22 Year old actress and model Irish McCalla posing for 57 year old artist Alberto Vargas in 1951. He was a judge at a beauty contest she entered and asked if she wanted to model for him. She also posed nude for him.

11. A mental patient is restrained in an Asylum in Yorkshire, England in 1869.

12. Starving Armenians butchering a horse for food on a road to Syria in 1916. These were some of the lucky ones who most likely escaped the Armenian Genocide that killed 1.5 million Armenians.

13. A woman transforms for a series called Ritual in Brazil in 1980.

14. A woman takes a portrait with one of her child slaves in New Orleans, US in 1850.

15. Artist and practitioner of witchcraft Rosaleen Norton poses for a picture in Kings Cross, Sydney, Australia in 1971. She was known as the “Witch of Kings Cross” and was devoted to the god Pan.

16. A class photo from Holywell School in England in 1910. Notice only 1 child is half smiling while the rest look upset in a creepy way.

17. A child shows his missing limbs to missionaries in the Belgian Congo in 1905. The limbs were cut off by state militia after the family missed its quota of goods production. This was a common punishment in King Leopolds privately owned Belgian Congo at the time.

18. 2 Friends goofing off in the US in 1928.

19. A chorus line of girls with goggles in the US in 1929.

20. People jeer as a woman has her head shaved for having a relationship with a Nazi after the liberation of Marseilles, France in 1944. She would be stripped to her underwear, have the Swastika written on her forehead and paraded in the center of town shortly afterwards.

21. A Post Sugar Rice Krinkles cereal commercial in the US in the early 1960s.

22. A Nazi official and a policeman patrol with an attack dog in Berlin, Germany in 1931. The dogs muzzle makes this picture.

23. One of American photographer Meryl Meislers relatives in the US in 1980. I have no idea if that’s a real bird btw.

24. A girl in her Halloween costume with her cat in the US in 1968.

25. Current US President Donald Trump poses with his then 15 year old daughter Ivanka Trump for a magazine in 1996.


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