25 Of The Coolest DC Movie Easter Eggs


1. ‘Superman’ Serial Cameos (from ‘Superman’)

Lois Lane first appears as a little girl in Richard Donner’s ‘Superman,’ who spies a young Clark Kent outracing her train (“faster than a locomotive,” etc). In the scene Lois’ parents are played by Kirk Alyn and Noel Neill, the movies’ first Superman and Lois Lane, from the original 1948 serial.

2. Batman Sketch Artist (From ‘Batman’)

When reporter Alexander Knox is handed a sarcastic sketch of the “Batman” he’s investigating, the image of a bat dressed in a dapper suit is signed by one Bob Kane, the original creator of Batman.

3. Doctor Burton (From ‘Batman Forever’)

As a nod to outgoing director Tim Burton, his replacement, Joel Schumacher, named Arkham Asylum’s head psychiatrist “Dr. Burton” in ‘Batman Forever.’ (He kinda looks like Tim Burton too. The hair’s a dead giveaway.)

4. Robin or Nightwing? (From ‘Batman Forever’)

Before Chris O’Donnell’s Dick Grayson settles on a superhero alias in ‘Batman Forever’ he proposes “Nightwing” as a possibility. He eventually chooses Robin, but DC nerds know comics’ Dick Grayson became Nightwing after he decided he was too old to keep hanging out with Batman.

5. The Riddler and Two-Face’s Costumes in ‘Batman & Robin’ (From ‘Batman & Robin’)

One movie after Batman and faced off with Jim Carrey’s Riddler and Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face, their uniforms can be seen in the property locker of Arkham Asylum.

6. The Floronic Man (From ‘Batman & Robin’)

The man who accidentally gives Poison Ivy her powers in ‘Batman & Robin’ is Dr. Jason Woodrue. In DC Comics, Woodrue is a longtime supervillain with powers of his own, who goes by the aliases Floronic Man and Plant Master.

7. Selina Kyle’s Catwoman (From ‘Catwoman’)

Michelle Pfeiffer never got her own ‘Catwoman’ movie, but her great performance received a small nod in Halle Berry’s; there’s a picture of Pfeiffer in the pile of photos of past Catwomen.

8. Victor Zsasz (From ‘Batman Begins’)

He’s one of the creepier Batman villains introduced in the 1990s; a deranged serial killer who commemorates each of his kills by carving a tally mark into his skin. In ‘Batman Begins,’ Zsasz is seen on trial for murder. He’s sent to Arkham Asylum, and when he’s set free during Ra’s al Ghul’s attacks, his trademark scars are visible on his neck.

9. A Classic Superman Pose (From ‘Superman Returns’)

The photographs of Superman saving a woman in a car early in ‘Superman Returns’ is unmistakably the same pose that the Man of Steel strikes on the cover of ‘Action Comics’ #1, his very first appearance from 1938.

10. Zod in Scrabble (From ‘Superman Returns’)

It may not be in the English dictionary, but someone in ‘Superman Returns’ played “Zod” as a word in Scrabble. Zod was the villain in ‘Superman II’ and ‘Man of Steel.’

11. Aquaman Pajamas (From ‘Superman Returns’)

Lois Lane’s son Jason is a key character in Bryan Singer’s ‘Superman Returns’ and in one scene, he’s wearing Aquaman pajamas as he sleeps in his bed.

12. John Daggett (From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’)

One of the supporting characters in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is named “John Daggett.” Played by Ben Mendelsohn, he’s a rival industrialist who wants to take over Wayne Enterprises. Though Christopher Nolan changed his first name, Roland Daggett has a history of similar capitalistic crimes in ‘Batman: The Animated Series,’ where he’s responsible for the creation of Batman antagonist Clayface.

13. An Invisible Jet (From ‘Green Lantern’)

In ‘Green Lantern,’ Hal Jordan gives his nephew the gift of a small, clear plane. That’s mostly because Hal’s a pilot, but it’s hard not to think of this moment as a nod to Wonder Woman’s famous invisible jet, which she used to fly around DC Comics for decades.

14. The Sinestro Corps War (From ‘Green Lantern’)

Though Sinestro spends ‘Green Lantern’ as an ally of Ryan Reynolds’ hero, a mid-credits scene where he discovers a yellow power ring and his costume transforms alludes to his character’s eventual turn to the dark side in ‘Green Lantern’ comics, where he is the leader of his own corp of Yellow Lanterns, and is a perpetual thorn in Hal Jordan’s side.

15. Star Sapphire (From ‘Green Lantern’)

In ‘Green Lantern’ comics, GL love interest Carol Ferris eventually turns into Star Sapphire, a villain powered by an alien crystal. That fate is alluded to in ‘Green Lantern’ by the star sapphire symbol on Blake Lively’s helmet.

16. ‘Carrie’ Ferris (From ‘Man of Steel’)

That helmet’s not the only Star Sapphire reference though; in ‘Man of Steel,’ Supes meets a captain in the U.S. Air Force named “Carrie” Ferris. Though she’s not technically the same character, it’s definitely a deliberate homage.

17. The Man Who Would Be Conduit (From ‘Man of Steel’)

One of Clark Kent’s high school bullies in ‘Man of Steel’ is named Ken Braverman. Years later, the adult Superman (at least of the comics) would fight an energy-powered villain known as Conduit, who’s real name was also Ken Braverman.

18. Weisinger Primary School (From ‘Man of Steel’)

As seen in a picture in an old photo album, Clark Kent attended “Weisinger Primary School” in Smallville, a reference to longtime Superman editor Mort Weisinger.

19. Blaze Comics (From ‘Man of Steel’)

There’s a whole bunch of DC Easter eggs during the big fights and flights through Metropolis in ‘Man of Steel.’ Blaze Comics is a fictional publisher within the DC universe that releases magazines featuring the exploits of Booster Gold. So it’s a small but major hint at a shared universe.

20. A Wayne Enterprises Satellite (From ‘Man of Steel’)

One of the most famous ‘Man of Steel’ Easter eggs is the satellite, seen in outer space, that bears the distinctive corporate logo of Bruce Wayne, foreshadowing all the events to come in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’

21. The LexCorp Building (From ‘Man of Steel’)

The space debris falling from the sky in ‘Man of Steel’ makes a fortuitous route just past the giant LexCorp tower, another bit of foreshadowing for ‘Batman v Superman.’

22. Utopia Casino (From ‘Man of Steel’)

This one’s more of a deep cut. Superman and Zod’s Metropolis battle takes them past this city landmark, which was introduced in the pages of 2007’s ‘Superman Confidential.’ It’s owned by Anthony Gallo, who was involved in one of one of Superman’s very first cases involving Kryptonite.

23. WGBS (From ‘Man of Steel’)

The ‘Man of Steel’ Metropolis skyline also features a sign for WGBS, a TV station famous in Superman lore as the place Clark Kent worked as a news anchor for a time. Its owner, Morgan Edge, has been tied to Darkseid and Intergang over the years.

24. Keep Calm and Call Batman (From ‘Man of Steel’)

The ‘Batman v Superman’ foreshadowing didn’t stop there either. Superman also flies past a “Keep Calm and Call Batman” poster, which is basically what Warner Bros. did after ‘Man of Steel’ failed to connect with many longtime Superman fans.

25. Batman v Superman v Robin? (From ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’)

Finally, here’s an Easter egg from the still-unreleased ‘Batman v Superman.’ The trailer for the film includes a brief glimpse of a Robin costume that’s been defaced by the Joker. What’s this mean? Is Robin in the movie? Is the Joker? We’ll know soon enough.
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