Trick photography is one of the most interesting forms of photography that exists in the digital age. It’s fun to look at, fun to take, and even more interesting to analyze. Photoshop is still very relevant but trick shots are a showcase of talent and intelligence. Next time you’re out and about, instead of taking a selfie with your friends, try taking some tricky photos to share and inspire.

1. Touching the top of the Eiffel Tower

2. “I didn’t mean to push it that hard.”

3. The biggest camera on the market

4. Keep holding on!

5. It took a while for us to realize that this was not a collage.

6. These cats are trying to confuse us.

7. Hold on buddy, help is on the way!

8. “I will light him on fire.”

9. That tree seems too comfortable and confusing…

10. Superior yoga skills

11. The literal version of stepping foot into a new country

12. Golfing

I'm road-tripping around Arizona at the moment and on my way from Lake Havasu City to Route 66, I passed this quirky structure by the side of the road near Yucca. It's known locally as both the Arizona Death Star and the Golf Ball House. A huge housing development was planned here back in the 1970's and this place was going to be the glitzy restaurant in the heart of the development which also promised waterskiing and other attractions. However the project wasn't successful and in the end the Golf Ball House was the only structure that actually got built, so for years it sat lonely by the side of the road. The current (very friendly) owners opened a store next to the building, planted small aliens and various UFO's by the side of the road and renamed it Area 66 to attract visitors (Information found via @atlasobscura's website) @Visit_Arizona #MyAZTrip #VisitArizona

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13. Vacation kissing with a tiny human

14. The magical swimsuit

15. Balancing skills, level: 1000

This is how I climb ladders!!! ?#levitate#trickphotography

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16. Helping him out of a giant chair

Throw back to when i became mini me #trickphotography #minime #sluggersbeslugging

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17. The world’s biggest water bottle

18. Tricky art sculpture — looking at it 3 times was not enough.

19. Messed up gravity

Waduh melayang semua ?? #trickphotography #3dtrikeye

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20. Holding the world’s smallest tree

21. Floating coffee

22. Barely touching the water

23. The most relaxed way to read a book

Just reading a book #selfie #creativeselfie #trick #trickphotography #float

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24. Snacking at the beach

25. At first, we thought these were mirrors…

Which of these photos did you like the most? Have you ever taken any tricky photographs that you would like to share with us? Please let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family to make their day and give them inspiration.


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