25 Small Things That Make Us All Rage Uncontrollably

Sometimes it’s the seemingly small and inconsequential things that drive us the craziest. A few people shared the little things that drove them to snap the hardest.

Someone driving slow in the passing lane.

– Grown_Man_Poops

For me its people zig-zag walking on the pavement. Pick a side and stick to it.

– Sniperj1m

Putting on fresh socks in the morning and then stepping in water on the kitchen/bathroom floor right before you leave for work.

– chim_heil

Trying to put Tupperware away without it crashing out of the cupboard.

– Americanzi0216

People randomly touching my head. I am a fairly large fellow (well over 6 ft and 200 lbs) and I shave my head. Every once in a while, random people will come up without warning and touch my head because they are curious or some stupid reason. Fills me with rage every time, why the hell would you think that is an ok thing to do?

– BigBodyBuzz07

Someone either slowing down or coming to a complete stop on an on-ramp.

– goofyphucker

Somebody asking you to do something while you are quite obviously doing the thing.

– allmyfrndsrded

When I ask my wife where she wants to eat and she replies “I don’t care,” then complains about my choice.

– parada45

Asking/nagging me why I have not completed a task well before the assigned (and agreed upon) time.
This goes for work or home.

You asked me to make sure the dishes were in the dishwasher and the doors were locked before I went to bed. I am CLEARLY both still awake and working on something.

This proposal is due on Friday by EOD. It is Tuesday after lunch, man. Did you need it earlier? No? Then why are you wasting my time, Greg?!

– TRexLuthor

When I’m trying to turn right at a red light, but there’s still traffic coming, and the car behind me (who doesn’t have a clear view of the traffic) honks for me to go.
I’m a level-headed dude most of the time, but that always pisses me off.

– culovero

When people half a football field away hold the door for you.

– kovalchuksnipe

People chewing with their mouths open.

– QueenMoogle

I’m surprised no one has said getting your headphones ripped out.

– wilmowilms

Switching lanes on a highway without using their blinkers


Tell you what really drives me insane… When I’m in the middle of a large print job at work and someone reaches in the middle of it in hopes of searching for their stuff and screwing up all of my stuff.

– StevieAlf

When your sleeves get wet when you wash your hands.

– Bunnylamps

People who play their music or videos through their phone speakers in public, especially places like on a train or bus.

– tendy_trux35

People who judge others’ actions based on hindsight as if they knew any better.

– thendofthebeginning

My wife volunteering me to help someone else without telling me until it needs to be done.

– Iusethis1atwork

People who blast music.

– Ctacis

Wiki CommonsLeaving your grocery cart in a parking spot. Come on, that’s what separates us from the apes.

– Rust_Dawg

People walking very slow in front of me staring down into their phones. Also, people talking very loud into their phones in a public place

– Hockeypah

Someone asking my why I’m angry, when I’m in a perfectly good mood. Then pressing it after the first “I’m not angry”.

– Gods_Gunslinger

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