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25 Strange Pictures From Our Past

25 Strange Pictures From Our Past

A model looking uncomfortable during a bondage photo shoot in Newcastle, England in 1949. There is a series of this type of picture featuring this model.

A man clips the nails of a lion in London, England in 1935.

A kid messes around for the camera in Spain in 1934.

A Navajo man dressed as Nayenezgani in the US in 1908.

A sword swallower poses for the camera in Wei-Hai-Wei, China in 1922.

Doris Smith riding her motorcycle around the “Wall of Death” with no safety equipment and no hands at a fair in Essex, England in 1938.

A woman with an elongated skull in Central Africa in 1955.

Edith Burchett, the wife of famous tattoo artist George Burchett, in England in 1921.

Johnny and Robert Eck posing for a picture in the US in 1922. Johnny was born without the lower half of his torso.

A couple prepares a picnic in Russia in 1964. They were called Soviet Hippies in the article about daily Soviet life. Notice the hotdog shaped man stabbed to the tree? The more you look at this picture, the weirder it gets. 

A man sells a blanket in Mexico in 1935.

3 Former Confederate soldiers pose for a picture in Tennessee, US in 1920. Their names are Buchanan, W. L. Drake, and Uncle Lewis Nelson.

German Nazi SA men march in a parade in Braunschweig, Germany in 1923.

Patients receive treatment while restrained in a steam box in Milledgeville State Hospital in Georgia, US in 1908.

Russian soldiers wear impromptu masks to use for a performance during WWI in 1916.

Peter Chemy right before his execution in Germany in 1947. He was liberated from a concentration camp 1945, wandered around for a few months before finding help in a German home. A husband and wife, along with their daughter, fed him and showed him good hospitality. When the family went to sleep, Chemy found a hatchet and murdered them all in there beds.

Men with their children pose for the camera while the feet of Lige Daniels hangs in Center, Texas, US in 1920. He was a teenager lynched after being accused of murdering a white girl. No evidence existed. Worst part? The full picture showing his entire hanging body was made into a number of postcards and used in the mail.

A dentist prepares to pull a bad tooth in China in 1920.

A promotional picture from the Japanese film “A Page of Madness” in 1926,

A man prepares to hit cattle in the head with a sledge hammer at a slaughterhouse in Chicago, US in 1906.

A man dressed as the Easter Bunny visits a sick woman in a hospital in the US in 1951.

A Somalian man with an elongated neck in 1943.

A circus performer showing her flexibility in the UK in 1997.

A flapper girl and her many boudoir dolls in France in 1924.

A convicted murderer sits in the electric chair prior to his execution in the US in 1925.

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