Some great films have one steaming pile of crap scene that pull you out of the magic and throw you for a loop. These scenes are pussy eye-sores on the face of otherwise good movies.

The girl power scene in Endgame. Captain Marvel just took blasts from Thanos’s ship, flew through said ship and did this all without breaking a sweat. But she needs help flying through some generic bad guys and all the other female Avengers show up. Some of whom were doing other things on the opposite side of the battlefield. Some of whom have no powers at all.-zZTheEdgeZz

The ending in I am Legend.-dietderpsy

Talia al ghul’s death in dark knight rises-anph111yea she just kinda died from like.. bad posture?-foopiez

Superman 1978. Superman takes Lois Lane for a flight around the city and she starts doing an inner monologue that’s a poem.-Diocletion-JonesIIRC she was supposed to sing it, but the actress can’t actually sing. Awkward as fuck.-Im_a_TARDIS_AMA

The sex scene in Kingsman 2. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life-asteriskiP

The ending of Grease, when Sandy and Danny fly away in the car….. Like really??-inspiringivy1786

The babysitter giving her nude pictures to the kid at the end of “Crazy, Stupid, Love”-jaseguitar

The scene where Sonny beats the shit out of Carlo in The Godfather. I appreciate why it was in the movie, but I’ve seen more convincing punches exchanged by two action figures in the hands of a hyperactive 8 year old.-Rhodie114

In Return of the Jedi the special edition, that weird song scene (Jedi Rocks) in Jabba’s palace, not sure what George was thinking with that.-Topgun157

The less technology that man has at his disposal the better-Hinkil

I love Tombstone but the room service scene at the end of the movie is cringy. I usually turn it off after the Doc Holiday hospice scene.-Scoob1978

The ghostly blow job scene in Ghostbusters. What were they thinking?-Starman68

Okay, that scene in the notebook where they are at the beach and the girl starts flapping her arms like a moron saying she’s, “a bird.” I get embarrassed just watching it.-cboyleee

Any scene Emma Frost was in for X-Men First Class-mgmmspud

Anne Hathaway talking about love being the fourth dimention or some shit like that in Interstellar-Ferrugino

I think that we are actually supposed to dismiss this entire speech as her character misunderstanding what’s going on. She is trying to justify why she jeopardised the mission by babbling bullshit when really she just acted illogically due to her love for that other astronaut.-MrShroomFish

DeNiro’s foot stomp in The Irishman. I couldn’t believe they left it like that. So much time and money went into this movie, and they put in a fight that’s less realistic than Monday night Raw.-Brawndo91

The ending of Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts says ” She rescues him right back.”-inkyturtleThat is the worst last line of any movie if we are supposed believe that she has any feelings for him. Yeah of course she would choose him over what she has just come from and it probably won’t last but who cares, right?-Jaidub

When Ginny feeds Harry that tart in Half Blood Prince.-BeeGeeLevi

The riding the cheetah part of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle-Firethorn101

The sex scene in the matrix reloaded. So awkward.-ILoveBeesBums

‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’ has that scene with the little girl trapeze-kicking a velociraptor out a window and killing it. Sort of takes you out of it a bit.-Clown-Top

Every scene with Cameron Diaz in Gangs of New York.-hrakkari

The scene in American Sniper with the baby doll instead of a real baby-Catom18

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