25 Things Everyone Was Doing 10+ Years Ago –


1. Getting to Blockbuster as early as possible on Friday before all the good new movies were taken.

2. Cleaning out your mouse. AKA: mouse surgery.

3. Watching movies on a portable DVD player. That thing came on every single vacation.

4. Taking pictures with that one awful photo-booth filter.

5. Getting a new phone and/or losing your old one and asking for everyone’s phone number one Facebook.

6. These group shots were all the rage.

7. Having that one cool white Macbook that got dirty in like 3 days.

8. People would “poke” you on Facebook. Thank God that’s over.

9. You had to have both.

10. Every girl had these horrible zebra highlights.

11. Internet Explorer would crash the shit out of your computer.

12. Watching countless people try the Diet Coke and Mentos challenge.

13. Using the super-cool lighter app on your phone.

14. Those really were the good times.

15. Ending a conversation by shutting your flip phone. Ending a call nowadays just isn’t the same.

16. Buying an entire DVD show collection to you could binge it.

17. The horror of someone scratching (ruining!) your CD.

18. Dad’s rules.

19. Watching all of the “2 Girl 1 Cup” reaction videos.

20. Clicking endless tabs to get where you wanted – which was usually Solitaire.

21. Deciding what you’re gonna listen to on your car ride.


23. Ordering a movie from Netflix and waiting to get it in the mail.

24. Blowing on anything that wasn’t working, including but not limited to video games, DVD players, and CD players.

25. printing out MapQuest directions ahead of time.

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