25 Times Quotation Marks Have Been Horribly Misplaced

1. No, you should probably actually watch for them

2. But not if you’re actually pregnant

3. Um, I think I’ll go with just a burger, please

4. Wait, is it not fresh? Are they serving old sandwiches?

5. I don’t know what meat service is, and I don’t really want to find out

6. It’s actually just a bucket

7. Those cameras don’t work

8. I think I’ll skip that one, thank you very much

9. I would still be careful

10. Please don’t light any fires in this building, I don’t think there are sprinklers

11. What vegetables exactly?

12. No please, WASH YOUR HANDS

13. I think this means you’re good to drink!

14. Who else would they make happy?

15. Well, they’re clearly not good security guards

16. I don’t trust anything that is labeled “safe”

17. Um, again, food should never be in quotes

18. What? Who accepts them? And what do they actually buy?

19. Um…who?

20. No, just DON’T do it

21. That just feels creepy

22. Yeah…I’ll skip those ones, thank you very much

23. I only trust unquoted flu shots, but that’s just me

24. PSA; Only ever get lipo from a REAL plastic surgeon

25. I mean, I don’t consider Budweiser real beer myself, and I guess I’m not alone


25 Times Quotation Marks Have Been Horribly Misplaced

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