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25 Times TV News Gloriously Didn’t Give A Sh*t

Sometimes TV production assistants goof around while preparing for the newscast. Sometimes people just make typos. Either way, you’ve gotta love it when mistakes like these make it to air.

1. I hear Location is beautiful this time of year.

frisbee lazy

2. Accurate.

not dead

3. Well, he used to be anyway.

Tiger Woods

4. Hffjghdhkdhkhkd?

garbled text

5. Financial jargon sure is confusing.

blah blah blah

6. But are they dead?

2 dead found dead

7. All hail President Geroge!

Geroge Clinton

8. Sorry, Declan.

Nobody Cares About Declan

9. “I have this nagging feeling like I forgot to do something.” – Production Assistant

Name here

10. Oops.

Many words

11. You had me at “free bacon.”

Free Bacon

12. Look at this white ho, everybody. Look at her.

the white ho
Via CollegeHumor

13. I am above the lasw!


14. This woman is a hero.

Not wearing pants

15. I think they meant ‘Edumacation’.


16. Who’s vetting these tweets? Carly and Sam?

Looks Like Gibby

17. Anchors away.

Anchor left right

18. Can confirm: Snot is very slippery.


19. Don’t let his size fool you; this guy is depraved.

Via Oddee

20. Neighbot 3000 did not see anything.


21. I’m sure this went over well.

wa tu lo

22. Hong Kong, Brazil. Same diff, right?

Hong Kong in Brazil

23. *Unzips*

24. You don’t say?

cancer causes cancer

25. How do you pronounce that?

25 Times TV News Gloriously Didn’t Give A Sh*t


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