25+ Weird Thrift Store Finds

1. Fatman and Baskin Robin

2. The last thing you’d expect to see at a store is you.

3. This dress had a price of $2,158 in a boutique. She got it in a charity shop for $34, and it fits like a glove!

4. For those who’ve always dreamed of multipurpose underwear…

5. Living in style is not forbidden.

6. The perfect thrift store find!

7. A creepy old lady mask

8. I guess I’ll try to take baby steps.

9. To show how much you care for someone, this is a perfect gift.

10. Who cares what it supports if it costs less then $1?

11. I’m done with thrift shopping. I’ll never find anything better than this.

12. The 25-cent thrift store wallet

13. Realistic toys help kids understand life better.

14. Our kids will always be our princes and princesses.

15. Thumbs up!

16. Went to Goodwill for a $3 poster frame… Came home with a Wurlitzer organ for $0.50.

17. I found a Gollum cutout at a flea market. I live with 2 other people. Let the games begin.

18. It will help you to relax after a stressful game.

19. A mug for real “freaks”

20. This framed artwork, made with 6 uncut dollar bills, is priced at 50 cents.

21. Forget everything you knew about ties. Presenting: the Feather Tie!

22. Make kids, not war!

23. “Honey, I bought some stuff for a romantic dinner.”

24. Nice idea for your bathroom. $1 each!

25. You are what you eat.

26. Toilet Golf. Best $1.99 I’ve ever spent.

27. For strong and independent people:

28. Guess I’ll take it “to grow into.”

29. Coincidence? I think not.

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