25 Weirdest Movies and Songs You Should Know About

Conspiracy 58

Conspiracy 58 is a Spanish mockumentary that claimed that the 1958 World Cup was never actually held. Despite being revealed as a hoax at the end, people still believed it.


Hitler Has Only Got One Ball

‘Hitler Has Only Got One Ball’ is a British song that mocks Nazi leaders using blue comedy in reference to their testicles. Multiple variants of the lyrics exist, generally sung as four-line verses to the tune of the “Colonel Bogey March.”


You Suffer

The shortest song in the world, “You Suffer” is just 1.316 seconds long, sung by the British grindcore band Napalm Death.


The Cure For Insomnia

There is a movie called “The Cure For Insomnia” which lasts 87 hours. It is about a man reciting a 4,080 pages long poem interspliced with X-rated film scenes and rock music videos.



Ambiancé is a film scheduled to be released on New Year’s Eve 2020 that is planned to be 30 days long. A trailer released in 2016 lasted 7 hours 20 minutes. The movie is planned to be destroyed after its sole showing.


The Most Unwanted Song

Three composers created “The Most Unwanted Song” based on an opinion poll of annoying musical elements in 1997. It includes bagpipes, a rapping opera singer, children singing about Christmas shopping at Walmart, and much more. It is twenty-two minutes long.


100 Years

The film ‘100 Years’ is due to be released in November 2115. It is written by and starring John Malkovich. The film is kept in a high-tech, bulletproof glass safe that will open automatically on its release date, 100 years after its announcement.


Thai Elephant Orchestra

Elephants are capable of playing music, and with the help of the National Elephant Institute and neuroscientist David Sulzer, the Thai Elephant Orchestra was created in 2000. To date, they have released three albums.


9 Modern Times Forever

One of the longest film ever made is ‘Modern Times Forever’ which was released in 2011. It has a duration of 240 hours or 10 days and shows centuries of decay, compressed into the span of the film.


10 The Day The Clown Cried

Jerry Lewis directed and starred in “The Day The Clown Cried”, a movie about Helmut Doork, a German clown in a Nazi concentration camp who was used to entertain and eventually lead the kids to the gas chambers.

11 Tout-à-Coup Jazz

Tout-à-Coup Jazz was an African jazz band from the 1970s whose membership included two future Burkinabé dictators, Thomas Sankara, and Blaise Compaoré, with the latter overthrowing the other in a 1987 coup. Unbelievably, the band’s name was purely coincidental.


12 Taylor Mead’s A*s

“Taylor Mead’s A*s” is a 70-minute long film consisting entirely of a shot of Mead’s buttocks which was directed by Andy Warhol.


13 First on the Moon

First on the Moon is a 2005 Russian mockumentary science fiction film about a fictional 1930s Soviet landing on the Moon. The film, which went on to win many awards, was the debut of the director Aleksei Fedorchenko.


14 Empire

In 1964, Andy Warhol created a movie called ’empire’. It consists of slow-motion footage of the Empire State Building and is over 8 hours long.


15 4′33″

In 2010, an online campaign managed to get John Cage’s composition 4′33″, which consists of four minutes and 33 seconds of silence, to hit No. 21 on the UK Singles Chart.


16 Logistics

The longest movie ever made is Logistics which is 857 hours (35 days) long. It films the journey of a pedometer in reverse chronological order from end sales to manufacturing in real time.


17 Metal Machine Music

A 1975 album named Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed consists of 64 minutes of audio feedback, widely believed to have either been an elaborate joke, or an attempt by Reed to escape from a record label contract.

18 Meaningless Movie

“The Longest, Most Meaningless Movie in the World” is actually the 6th Longest movie in the world. The running time of the movie is 48 hours.


19 As Slow as Possible

There is a musical piece called ‘As Slow as Possible’, written to be played literally as slow as possible (while strictly adhering to the score’s temporal proportions). An ongoing performance of the score began in a German church on September 5th, 2001 and will end on September 5th, 2640.


20 Flintstones & WWE Crossover

In 2015, there was a direct-to-video Flintstones/WWE cross-over movie. This was a spiritual successor to the WWE/Scooby-Doo crossover starring John Cena.

21 Das Erste Wiener Gemüseorchester

An Austrian orchestra named Das Erste Wiener Gemüseorchester that plays their music with vegetables.

22 The Boy Bands Have Won

A British music group named Chumbawamba holds the record for the longest album title at 865 characters. It starts with “The Boy Bands Have Won.”

23  Sleepify

In 2015, funk band Vulfpeck took advantage of Spotify’s payment system and released a 5-minute album consisting of just silence called “Sleepify”, told their fans to listen to it on repeat while they slept, and ended up making $20,000 which funded future album releases and tours.

24 Helikopter-Streichquartett

Helikopter-Streichquartett is a string quartet by Karlheinz Stockhausen that must be played in four circling helicopters, the sound remixed, chopper sounds and all, for an audience on the ground.

25 Zyzzyx Road

There was a movie from 2006 called Zyzzyx Road which starred Katherine Heigl. It had a budget of $1.2 million and earned just $30 at the box office from six patrons.


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