25 Words That Sound Dirty, But Aren’t –


1. Fanny-blower – Used in the scissor-grinding industry, it was basically a fan attached to special machinery.

2. Penistone – The name of a market town in Yorkshire, England.

3. Sack-butt – A wine barrel.

4. Tit-Tyrant – A family of eight species of flycatchers native to the Andes Mountains.

5. Knobstick – It is mostly known for being a workman who would be replacing workers on strike.

6. Cockchafer – A large beetle that is native to Europe and Asia.

7. Asart – A medieval English legal term for a deforested land.

8. Tease-hole – The opening in a glassmaker’s furnace through which fuel is added.

9. Clatterfart – A piece of gossip.

10. Nicker-pecker – Old English name for the European green woodpecker.

11. Cock-bell – A small handbell.

12. Jaculate – To rush or jolt forward suddenly.

13. Dik-dik – One of the smallest antelopes in Africa.

14. Aholehole – This is the name of a Hawaiian flagtail fish.

15. Invagination – The process of putting something into something else.

16. Tetheradick – It means 13.

17. Bumfiddler – To pollute or spoil something.

18. Jerkinhead – Is a roof that is only partly gabled.

19. Fuksheet – The mainsail of a ship.

20. Sexagesm – It’s 1/60th of something.

21. Nodgecock – A fool or simpleton who nods their head in agreement with any idea.

22. Kumbang – A hot, arid wind that blows seasonly in the lowlands of western Indonesia.

23. Peniaphobia – The fear of poverty.

24. Skiddy-cock – It’s a nickname for a bird.

25. Assapanick – Another name for the flying squirrel.

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