26 Ads Actually You Won’t Believe Got Approved!

People in charge of layout really need to think twice sometimes…ok all the time.

1. No wonder Elmo seems so happy.

2. It does say it’s a “Bad Idea Tee.”

3. Oops indeed.

4. Maybe skip the sliding doors next time…

5. Well she probably got really popular after this.

6. It’s a really good show, ok!

7. Well that’s just a horrible name.

8. Probably should stop laughing.

9. That doesn’t seem like the right message.

10. Well that’s just gross.

11. No don’t!!

12. Normal, huh?

13. That’s almost too perfect.

14. Something tells me not many people are using that coupon.

15. Fast food should probably just not advertise.

16. That is NOT the way I want to be flying.

17. Just a little ad odds.

18. Not installing a lot of confidence in airplanes.

19. But the coffee is so good!

20. They had to know how that looked, right?

21. Yeah, your ad probably isn’t going to work out great here.

22. No comment.

23. Uh, seems like an odd message.

24. They seem so happy about it!

25. Would have probably been a more entertaining movie.

26. Ahh…no.

26 Ads Actually You Won’t Believe Got Approved!



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