26 Extraordinary Sights You Have To See To Believe

Things you may only see once in your life.
Groovy sunlight through prismatic window film
A huge tower made of coins in Russia
“I took a photo of a soldier with 2 different eye colors.”
For those who “don’t believe” in wearing seat belts.
This petrified dinosaur skin was sold on eBay for $4,000 in 2008.
Star Wars fans can recognize The Imperial March in anything.
“Woke up at 5 AM to catch the tulips in the morning mist.”
“My roommate is a radiology major and today he X-rayed flowers.”
The Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry building in Moscow, Russia resembles a DNA molecule.
“This cute guy was hidden under the wrapper.”
The bottom of this bottle of rosé is shaped like a rose.
When you’re fond of taking flight
Air purifiers at construction sites in China
This is how China puts up fences around construction sites.
“My local cinema has the carpet from the movie, The Shining.”
“My mom sent me this photo of a guy burning wood behind her house. Looked like a promo poster for an upcoming horror film.”
These mounted police officers have “tail lights”.
“This is a photo of the reflection in my cat’s eyes.”
12 nails balancing on top of 1
Hexagonal pencil art
The relief pattern on these snow-covered Iowa fields
A lemon with only 4 segments
“The left side of the street is Beverly Hills and the right side is LA. Beverly Hills only paves their side.”
A crumbling old cobblestone wall restored with Legos
“Apparently, my parrot has bottom eyelashes.”
Yes, you probably don’t see things like that every day.
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