26 Fascinating Things From Around The World That You Don’t See Everyday

1. A baby blue marlin

2. This apartment complex pool has a wheelchair access.

3. Jewel caterpillar

4. This lumber storage is a real work of art.

5. A gecko’s foot viewed from below

6. “This small-town street sign points to the direction that each person in town lives.”

7. “A water current directing drain on a steep slope in Taiwan.”

8. This tree survived the Hiroshima attack.

9. A forbidden fishing village in China

10. “The path my cat takes across the lawn everyday”

11. This fallen tree kept growing in 4 spots.

12. “The table and chairs at my friend’s house look like they’re made of paper.”

13. Looks like this tree swallowed a huge ring.

14. This is a circular ping-pong table.

15. An anteater uses his tail as a blanket.

16. A sandstorm is trying to catch a plane.

17. These apples have heart-shaped marks on them.

18. Use a torch to make your floor look fancier.

19. Coquina clams are rising to the surface.

20. A 150-year-old prosthesis

21. A flower-shaped marshmallow

22. The Royal Ontario Museum, located in the city of Toronto, looks like a game glitch.

23. This is how they make ball-shaped bushes.

24. The stairs at Balamand University, Lebanon

25. A Dalmatian horse

26. Just imagine how patient you have to be to doodle everything, and how satisfied you’d feel when you’re done.

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