1. Sergeant Edward Hill, captured at Dunkirk in 1940, celebrates his release 5 years later in May 1945.

2. The body of a French soldier killed in 1940 is guarded by his dog.

3. A North Vietnamese fighter jet is shot down by an American plane.

4. Danish soldiers prepare to resist the German invasion of their country during WWII.

5. A Great Depression Era farmer outside his home.

6. Fidel Castro and Malcolm X converse.

7. A group of boys listen to a story by a Civil War veteran.

8. British soldiers killed during the Spring Offensives of 1918.

9. An American soldier drags a wounded comrade to safety during the Vietnam War.

10. Hitler Youth enjoy a meal after their capture by American forces.

11. Russian forces in Turkey during the Russo-Turkish War.

12. An American soldier jointly operates a checkpoint with two Russian Guards after the end of WWII in Europe.

13. A Polish soldier carries a wounded donkey on his back.

14. A young girl runs past a burned out Russian APC during the Battle of Grozny.

15. Serbian troops captured by American soldiers during the Yugoslav Wars.

16. East German and West German border guards have a stand off after an East German woman crossed the boundary into West Berlin.

17. A Soviet tanker plays a piano during WWII.

18. Indian Colonial troops meet a young British Boy during the First World War.

19. A Vietcong woman guards a downed American pilot.

20. Oka Crisis in Canada

21. A native American man fishes in the early 1900s.

22. An Afghan man presents a firearm dating back to the East India Company.

23. Line of unemployed Americans during the Great Depression.

24. A young Bill Clinton meets John F. Kennedy.

25. Civil War veterans gather for a reunion.

26. 6ix9ine and Albert Einstein discuss matters of lyrical composition and general relativity.


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