The trunk of an oak tree serves as a nest of an albar pine. Both trees are alive and have been sharing living space for more than a century. The pine reaches 15 meters high and is 130 years old, while the oak measures 12.5 meters and is 250 years old.

This is Simo Häyhä – the deadliest sniper in world history. He confirmed 500 kills in less than 100 days using no scope on his rifle to hold off 4,000 Soviets with only 31 other Finns. He was shot in the face with an exploding bullet and survived, living to be 96 years old.

Ex-Skinhead Gets His Racist Tattoos Removed After Becoming A Dad

This stadium in Monterrey, Mexico.

Fungal zombie makeup

This man just made history. Eliud Kipchoge just ran the worlds first marathon in under 2 hours (1:59:40)

MASSIVE turtle caught on camera.

Tearing down an unused chimney only to find 25 generations of stacked up birds nests

One of the teachers at my New Zealand school’s drawing!

Girl, who is 11 and is blind, likes making tactile art. This is her aluminum foil snail. USD quarter for scale.

An agricultural engineer used this bear’s night raids as a test to determine which type of honey was the best. In multiple, double-blind trials, “Big boy” always preferred the rare, expensive anzer honey; followed closely by chestnut, flower, and pine-wood honey.

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