26 Unethical Life Hacks That Will Work, But Will Make You Feel Guilty Afterwards –



1. Look up your buildings washer/dryer model on eBay and order a key for it. You wont have to pay for laundry and it only costs around $8.00!

2. If a website requires you to enter payment information before getting a free trial, create an account on the Spanish or Belgium PayPal since those don’t require you to enter a credit card to create the account, and then just add it to your payment info.


3. Own a coffee shop and need to boost your sales? Trigger fire alarm in the local office buildings. Their employees will have to go out and will probably want to grab a drink while they wait.

4. If you fail a drug test for opioids (Morphine, Codeine, etc), tell them that you drink poppy seed tea. Poppy seed tea is 100% legal, and they can’t hold your use of it against you.

5. If you’re headed to Europe from outside the EU, make yourself a fake student ID from where you live. You can get into most museums with a huge discount or free and they have no way to verify this info.

6. Target has the most lenient policies on everything. Say a shirt was on the 70% off clearance rack and you’ll get it no questions asked. Grab an item off the shelf and take it to guest services for store credit. Complain for free gift cards. Source: used to work at target. Nobody cares there.

7. If you want to spy in on a conversation, leave your wireless headphones in the room and record the audio. No one would suspect a thing.Electronics.

8. If you’re visiting Washington, D.C., be sure to stop at the Library of Congress and get a Reader card. It’s a plastic photo ID that you can use to bluff your way into getting the Government rate at hotels across the country.

9. Have lunch break an hour before your supervisors so when they go on lunch you get double the break.

10. Pretend to love the same possessions (i.e. the pets) as your wife. If you divorce, you can pretend to fight over them and easily get the things you really want.

11. If a flight attendant ever tries to make you check your carry on bag because the flight is too full, say that you have all your medicines in the bag and you need them for the flight.

12. Call the number on the side of the cups or receipt they give you to the customer phone line. Mention a missing item from the drive through and they will usually send you a couple free coupons for the missing items.

13. If you are staying in a hotel room with several people just book the room for two people because hotels will charge per person in a room.

14. Got a parking ticket you don’t want to pay? Contact the council and tell them that a passenger travelling with you was having an asthma attack and you urgently needed to stop. Works Every time for me.

15. Want free samples from Costco without paying for the membership? Buy the membership, cancel it over the phone (they give 100% refund), keep the card. Flash it every time you go into a Costco, nobody will check to see if it’s inactive.

16. Job wants email addresses instead of phone numbers for references, but you don’t know anyones email? Write their name down and make a bunch of fake emails so you can give yourself that reference.

17. Since Craigslist has been charging for new posts now, just make 1 post and keep editing it to work for something else that your selling.

18. Stick a couple of wet leaves on your number plate to partly obscure the registration – this will enable you to dodge fines, tolls etc, and if the police stop you all they can do is remove the leaves.

19. When buying movie tickets online, buy the cheaper child tickets to save money. They just scan the barcode and don’t pay attention.

20. Order a large pizza over the phone and say you ordered a small when you pick it up. Most places will just give you the large and charge you for the small.

21. If you’re ever taking a web based test, right click and “Inspect” to pull up the dev code where you can delete all “hidden” input types to show the graphics that display the correct answer.

22. Need to plagiarize an essay? Copy and paste it into a plagiarism checker and keep changing words until it shows as not plagiarized!

23. Want to drink for free? Crash big weddings with about 2 hours left in them. Nobody will question whether or not you belong if you dress nice, keep a low profile, and have a decent backstory.

24. When at a costly gaming cafe, turn on and shutdown a pc, then press cancel to make windows close the software, that restricts your playtime, for you to get unlimited free playtime.

25. A lanyard and a good button down can get you the employee discount at most airports.

26. Want an extra pair of Headphones/Earbuds you have a warranty on? Tell them they’re malfunctioning and when they ask for proof, half-plug in the jack and record the device playing the chopped up audio.


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