When The Powerpuff Girls were aware that they were “accidents”:

When Spongebob’s nose looked a lot like an erect penis:

When you notice what’s really taking place here:

Remembering that Dot was the first cartoon to twerk:

When the Angry Beavers were “wrestling”:

When the mice in Cinderella looked as if they were into some kinky shit:

When you realize that Chel wasn’t even remotely close enough to be kissing his mouth:

When the Berenstain Bears met their new neighbors:

All of the times Tom & Jerry did some pretty questionable things:

When they discovered glucose on the Magic School Bus:

When Angelica from The Rugrats “supposedly” brushed her teeth:

When you realized what the Teletubbies were doing with balloons:

When you think about what the toys really saw in Toy Story:

When you learn that Spongebob wasn’t blowing up a balloon:

This realization:

When Heffer is caught having a little “me time”:

When Arthur was told something very disturbing:

When this Transformer showed off the perks of being a crane:

When Donald Duck was sporting some major morning wood:

The Harry Potter map that showed some extracurricular activities taking place at Hogwarts:

The pervy doctor from Rocko’s Modern Life:

When Donald got a little too much help fitting in that hole:

When Mr. Rogers taught us all some nonverbal communication:

When the Care Bears checked under the hood a bit:

And this traumatizing realization that will forever taint The Lion King:

Porky is a pig in bed:

The Care Bears are very caring:

Rocky and Bullwinkle have much to learn from books:

The friendly superhero fight:

Innocence lost forever…………


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