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27 Dirty License Plates That Slipped Through the Approval Process



27 Dirty License Plates That Slipped Through the Approval Process

You can get a custom license plates made for less than you may realized. Each state varies, but it is in the ballpark of $40-$50 to get a personalized, or vanity, license plate made for your car. After that you have to pay a yearly renewal fee of $30-$40. The plate has to be approved by the DMV and profanity is not allowed. But these clever people found ways to slip through the cracks.

1 It’s in your face but isn’t.

2 The Bengals would not approve.

3 Police will not approve of it being upside down.

4 His ex is not amused.

5 Not a single one.

6 Losing the ‘s changes everything.

7 Well this just gets straight to the point.

8 In MA this means they are tired.

9 The joke dies if the truck does.

10 So that’s where it is.

11 Shouldn’t a Yankees fan have ‘NY’ or a ‘Y’ instead of a ‘B’?

12 You’ll always feel relaxed after.

13 Sounds like Scooby-Doo made this.

14 “Hi 911? I know who you;re looking for.”

15 Like, all the time?

16 Say it out loud.

17 There had to be at least one.

18 Must be a 90’s child.

19 Hungry?

20 Is there a Mrs Cooch?

21 International traveler.

22 This is how to stay single forever.

23 You’re excused.

24 I’m sure we would too.

25 Admitting it is the first step to recovery.

26 I bet her husband hates when he has to use her car.

27 Even without the team logo, it’s still a dirty plate.



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