27 Extreme SLO MO GIFs Guaranteed To Give You Instant Satisfaction

Get your brain ready, here 27 GIFs images that are guaranteed to give you instant satisfaction:

1. Slow Motion Laser Hair Removal Is a Tiny Massacre

2. Burning Steel Wool Becomes a Spinning Blade of Fire In Slow Motion

3. Real Explosives Blowing Up Mega Bloks In Slo-Mo Is Every Kids’ Fantasy

4. The Chemistry Involved in Lighting a Match Is Surprisingly Awesome

5. Watch Different Colors of Paint Spin Like Crazy on a Drill in Slow Motion

6. Star Wars Lego Sets Exploding at 3,000 Frames per Second

7. Awesome slow motion footage of bullets piercing random objects

8. The fun sparkling spiral of a spinning ball drenched in water

9. Hitting Jell-O with a tennis racket gloriously slices it all up

10. Watch bare skin get tasered in painful super slow motion

11. Seeing a ladybug take flight in slow motion is actually quite surprising

12. Seeing a gun fire at 73,000 FPS

13. Seeing people’s faces get blown by air in slow motion is hilariously absurd

14. Watch a giant water balloon explode in slow motion with a man inside it

15. Slow motion video of a 142mph tennis serve shows the ball turning to goo

16. Watch a woodpecker bang its beak and head against a tree in slow motion

17. What happens when you pour water on an oil fire in slow motion

18. Slow motion footage of double barreled pistols firing bullets is crazy

19. Slow motion video of firing a RPG shows the massive back blast off

20. Matchstick Rockets Captured at 2,500 fps Look Like Tiny ICBMs

21. This Spool Of Thread Getting Cut Open Is Simply Everything

22. This Cheese! So! Nice

23. I can’t look away

24. Oh my god! Hnnnngg

25. Yup. This Is Literally As Good As Honey

26. These Slices Are So Thin, It Should Be Illegal

27. Incredible Incredible Incredible

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