Siege Helmet (8kg) -Italy [1625]

Jinete sword of Boabdil (Muhammad XII) Last Nasarid Emir of Granada. -[1400]

Tudor glove with embroidered memento mori

Armor of Ferdinand I, holy Roman emperor, (intricate breastplate detail)- [1549]

Cavalry axe – Middle East [1735]

Ancient cat coffin with completely intact mummy inside. -Saqqara, Egypt

Merovingian brooch- Marilles, Belgium [560-610AD]

Roman glass cup complete with medallions from the Rhine Valley – Early 4th century AD

4th century Byzantine ring with a figure of a goddess Nike (Victory)

16th Century “Prayer Nut”

Dagger 38.4 cm – 664g – Iran (thought to be dated between late 18th- early 19th century)

The discovery of the “Varna Chalcolitchic Necropolis” revealed proof of the oldest European civilization and the worlds oldest gold.

Coronation dress of Sophia Magdalena of Denmark. Worn during the coronation of her husband Gustav III of Sweden. [1772]

Tiffany & Co. – Smith & Wesson new model No. 3 .44 caliber double-action Navy Revolver. Serial Number: ( 23060) USA [1891-92]

Byzantine key from the fifth century.

Lead sling bullet inscribed with “DEXAI” translates to “CATCH” – 4th century Greece

A skull from the battle of Gotland

Foldable portable globe. -[1852]

In the 19th century, Americans massacred bison by the millions reducing their population from as much as 60 million to fewer than 400. This photo of bison skulls show how close we came to making these animals extinct.

400 year old silk dress with floral pattern recovered from a shipwreck in the Netherlands.

Roman Slave collar with inscription; “ I have fled, hold me; when you bring me back to my master. Zoninus you can receive a solidus (gold coin) -4th century AD

Pair of small axes (55,0 cm) Calibre: (18,0 mm) with wheel lock pistols -Germany [1620]

Elephant armor from the 17th century (India) Its composed of 5,840 plates and weighs 118kg making it the largest animal armor in the world.

German military surgical instrument set. [1939]

Gothic boxwood depicting “Last Judgment” – Europe [16th Century]

Kiowa buckskin with drawing showing Native Americans fighting US army soldiers [1879-1907]

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