1. “This 3D piece of art my family has hung up in their house.”

2. “A stick library for dogs at my local dog park.”

3. “Swing chairs inside of a cafe in Singapore International Airport.”


4. “My Hotel’s Lights Shine Diagonally.”

5. “This airport bathroom has lights to show you which stalls are free.”

6. “My new rug has pirate monkeys in it.”


7. “This luggage store has an airplane set up for customers to test their carry ons and underseater bags.”

8. “Part of a wall that’s been repainted over and over through the years!”

9. “Drank out of a solid ice mug today!”


10. “A local cafe uses some ice cubes made of frozen coffee so my iced coffee wouldn’t get as watered down.”

11. It’s not a living room, it’s a family mausoleum in Manila.

12. “This rubiks cube that uses different sized surfaces instead of colors.”


13. “The snow on my husband’s car looks like cloth!”

14. In Turkey, you can enjoy your favorite soft drink in an unusual design.

15. Playgrounds in Germany look like free amusement parks.


16. In Moscow, you can purchase a spritz of perfume. But you won’t know what it smells like since you can’t sniff it first.

17. In Spanish villages, you’ll get morning correspondence and bread as well.

18. Don’t forget to park your dog before entering a store.


19. Thai monks decorate money trees with banknotes.

20. In Hamburg, almost all traffic lights have 2 red stop signals in case one of them breaks down.

21. In this Singapore subway, you’re not allowed to chew gum or even kiss.


22. High baskets like these make it so wild animals can’t reach the garbage.

23. These are dress code instructions at the entrance of a Malaysian college.

24. In Brussels, you can hardly find 2 similar road signs — they all resemble true masterpieces.



25. In the Basque Country, almost everything is prohibited at the beach. Even the Olympics!

26. Wet tracks on the scorching hot sand lead to tents with cold drinks.

27. European churches sometimes use electric candles — you put a coin inside it and it lights up.

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