27 Futuristic Gadgets And Concepts That Prove That The Future Is Here

Avoid that awkward stall knock (or push) with the bathroom occupancy lights.

A school that has a slide from a classroom directly to the playground, because efficiency is key.

And also this office that has a slide to make going down a floor fun.

“My hotel has motion sensor foot lamps for getting out of bed in the dark.”

This college’s umbrellas have solar panels built into them allowing people to charge their devices outside.

Meanwhile, this microwave also has a toaster because space is hard to come by and why not multitask.

Parenting hack with a car seat attached to their suitcase at the airport.

Saunas INSIDE hotel rooms.

Accessibility matt set on the beach for wheelchairs and strollers

The back of this park bench can pivot back and forth, allowing the user to face either direction.

The dessert menu at this restaurant is in a View-Master

“The living moss wall at my office.”

The toilet has a built-in small kids seat.

They’ll never roll off the table again.

This city has a self-service bicycle repair stand.

This college’s printer rotates between each document, so no longer need to rifle through another student’s stuff to find your own.

This toaster has a “lift and look” button when you want to check your toast’s progress.

This elevator with an additional alarm button near the ground in case you’ve fallen…and you can’t get up.

This office installed heated sidewalks outside so employees don’t slip on the way in.

This theater offers popcorn with a lid so you can shake the butter around, then use as a bowl.

And this theater has a quiet room for parents to bring children when they’re being, well, kids.

This park bench has a solar panel implemented so you can charge your phone.

“The way my new couches stay tilted back for easy vacuum access.”

Urinals that have video games you can somehow play with while you pee.

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