1. “It looks as if the van is parked really close to another one but it only has its doors open.”

2. “My M&Ms sank but the Ms stayed behind.”

3. How a tree is cut into planks

4. “My mom went to the USSR in 1985 and still has a Soviet pack of cigarettes.”

5. “My orange juice is the same color as the mug it’s in.”

6. “I covered a door in mirror paper squares and now it looks almost like some sort of portal.”

7. “Rust formed on this old spool of wire in one of the coolest ways I’ve ever seen.”

8. “The hospital my wife delivered at gives you a kit so you can have a “birth day” party.”

9. “One of the fireworks I took a picture of last night looks like a palm tree in the wind.”

10. “My milk has good advice printed on the side.”

11. “Vintage board games found in an attic of new house.”

12. “My burnt match looks like a stage microphone.”

13. “I own a plexi glass longboard.”

14. Japanese book for children that includes a backlight.

15. “Bubbles in my hand sanitizer look like a mini solar system.”

16. “The color YELLOW is a registered trademark of The Wiffle Ball Inc.”

17. “This photo I took on a safari looks like a Pokemon battle.”

18. “I found an entire roll of new 2020 bat quarters.”

19. “The warning label on my edibles is edible.”

20. Tree is given part of road instead of being cut down.

21. “My brother cooking 2 pizzas at once.”

22. “On the back of older US pennies, there is a tiny Abe Lincoln sitting in his memorial.”

23. “Found Ecto-1 during a neighborhood walk.”

24. “Wear Sunblock – Temperature of Burned and Unburned Skin.”

25. “I coated some quarters in copper using electricity.”

26. “Found a drawing of a robot in a chemistry book from 1918.”

27. This new tree growing out of a stump.

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