1. A leather mallet.

2. “My toilet paper has two cardboard tubes in the roll.”

3. “Threw my sweater on the bed without looking, turned around and couldn’t find it.”

4. When I came home from work there were bats on my door.

5. This cloud that looks like crocodile or alligator head

6. “The way the snow rolled off my windshield”

7. “This beam of light shining down on my brother-in-laws grave during his memorial.”

8. Bricks in a tree.

9. “My eggs look like they are frowning back at me”

10. “Came across this pizza vending machine, fresh pizza ready in 3 minutes.”

11. “The reflection of the christmas tree light makes my cat look like the Terminator.”

12. “My bus driver put up Christmas lights.”

13. Every tire on this truck has a different tread pattern

14. Some guy paid $4K to put up this middle finger statue.

15. This mirror makes it look like the entire bathroom is in the tub.

16. An avocado seed has a picture of a tree on it.


18. “The middle of this euro piece felt loose and I managed to push it out.”

19. “Found an actual mouse hole at my dentist.”

20. The pole in this picture makes it look like two different pictures.

21. This license plate is Awesome backwards

22. “I cut a capsicum and it looks like it’s smiling.”

23. The steering wheel reflection looks like a planet in the sky

24. The way the frost formed on the screen around my deck.

25. The pattern on this leaf

26. “My sneakers look like mix of these carpets.”

27. The man in the cheese.

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