20 Terrifying Landlord Horror Stories


Almost everyone who’s alive today has a story about an annoying landlord, or someone they rent from who is just the absolute worst. By the time you get into your late twenties, landlord horror stories are almost a dime a dozen. But there’s no way anything you’ve heard is as crazy as the landlord stories on this list. In these stories there are landlords who tried to raise a tenant’s rent to an astronomical price, landlords who harassed their renters, and landlords who are all around just the worst. Hopefully the run-ins you’ve had with your landlord haven’t been as awful as any of the landlord nightmares on this list.

It’s a rare occurrence, but some people actually have really nice landlords. People who work with them when they’re going to be late on rent, who fix things for them, and who don’t mind offering a sympathetic ear. The landlords on this list are not those kinds of people. The folks on this list of the worst landlords in the history of landlording would sooner throw their own mothers into a pot of hot cheese than cut one of their renters a break. Depending on what time of the month it is, write up an early (or late) rent check, and make sure your landlord hasn’t done something on this list of the worst things that landlords have done.


Landlord Cuts Heat, Slays Children

In January 2014, the landlord of an apartment in Indiana shut off a family’s heat during the polar vortex. The family tried to stay warm using a space heater connected to a propane tank, which caused the apartment to go up in flames. After the fire, a man could be heard screaming, “My babies! My babies!” He was able to save two of his children, and his three other children passed in the fire.

Landlord Installs Spy Cam In Apartment

In 2014, Aksana Kuzmitskaya noticed a camera in her bathroom clock and once she cracked it open she discovered over 70 photos — one of which showed her landlord adjusting the camera.

Landlord Abducts Child After Family Doesn’t Move Out Fast Enough

An Ohio landlord abducted the 11-year-old daughter of some tenants who didn’t move out quickly enough. After the girl was returned, the landlord was charged with abduction, burglary, and obstructing official business following the incident.

Fake Landlord Dismembers Tenant

Chinelle Browne, a mother of four, was dismembered by who she thought was her landlord after she discovered that Leah Cuevas (the fake landlord), had been illegally renting out her late uncle’s apartment. On the night of the dismembering, a neighbor alleges that they heard someone screaming, “No, Leah! What you doing?” and “Oh, no! Oh, no! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

The Dishwashing Landlord

One renter had the pleasure of a landlord who would enter her apartment at night while she was asleep to fold her clothes and do her dishes. As nice as it might be to have a dishwashing elf in your home, the fact that it was a grown man with no sense of personal space should give you the chills.

Landlord Tries To Evict Veteran

In 2010, a landlord tried to evict a 97-year-old WWII veteran who was living in a rent-controlled apartment, priced at $63 a month. The man, known around the neighborhood as “Old Man Mike,” suffers from dementia. The landlord in question said he was evicting the old man for the benefit of the other tenants, despite the fact that there was no evidence that attested that Mike was a nuisance.

Landlord Says Latinx Baby Who Suffered Lead Poisoning Wouldn’t Have Gone To College Anyway

A Brooklyn landlord who was being sued in a lead poisoning case tried to convince the judge that because the 2-year-old baby was Latinx that the baby wouldn’t have gone to college even if the baby hadn’t suffered brain injuries caused by lead paint in the building. By this logic, he wouldn’t be liable for the poisoning.

Landlord Whips A Tenant Over Late Rent

In 2013 a Canton, Ohio, landlord admitted to using his belt to whip the bare rear end of one of his tenants who fell behind in his rent. The 53-year-old landlord allegedly told the renter that he was going to treat him like a child because the tenant was acting like a child.

Landlord Posts ‘Whites Only’ Sign On Pool

A Cincinnati landlord posted a “Whites Only” sign on their swimming pool after a tenant’s daughter, who is African American, swam in the pool over a Memorial Day weekend. The landlord said the daughter made the pool “cloudy” because of the chemicals she used in her hair.

Landlord Tries To Set Squatters On Fire

In 2014, two illegal tenants who were squatting in a Brooklyn apartment were almost burned alive. Their landlord and a conspirator paid someone $100 to soak the building in gasoline and set it ablaze. Too bad the guy chosen for the task was an undercover police officer. He also reportedly told the officer that he liked his steak “well done.”

Landlord Threatens To Slay Tenants

In the late ’80s, New York landlord Jerome Garland threatened to slay the tenants at one of his buildings unless they vacated their apartments. He was given a three-year state prison term for his threats.

Landlord Accidentally Blows Up A Building

The son of an East Village landlord told a plumber to illegally tap the gas line of his dad’s building, causing it to explode and slay two people.

Mother Threatened With Eviction Over Breastfeeding

An Oklahoma landlord threatened to evict a mother after she saw the mother breastfeeding her child on her own porch. The mother was told that if she was caught breastfeeding uncovered outside of her home she would have to pack her stuff and leave, as the neighbors were complaining. In response, she showed her landlord the Oklahoma law that guarantees her the right to nurse her daughter — with or without cover.

Landlord Refuses To Rent To A Woman Because There’s No Man To Shovel Her Snow

That’s not a metaphor: the Wisconsin landlord refused to rent to a single mother because she didn’t have a man in her family to “shovel the snow.” In a conversation with investigators, the landlord commented that single mothers are part of the nation’s current economic problems.

Second Worst Landlord In New York Goes For The Gold

In 2015, Harry Silverstein was honored as the No. 2 loser on the list of the 100 worst landlords of New York for having 1,482 violations listed against him. These violations included everything from keeping an illegal basement apartment to multiple complaints of rat infestations.

Veteran Evicted Over Service Animal

Jon Jans, a veteran of the Iraq war who needed an emotional health service dog, was evicted from his apartment, and he’s pretty sure that it was because his new property manager really hated dogs.

Fake Landlord Scams Students

Always remember to check your landlord’s references, because you don’t want to end up in a situation like these two young couples. Students, the foursome rented rooms off of Craigslist, only to discover after they had dropped a cool $1,800 that their landlord was just some creep off the internet who didn’t even own the place.

Drug-addled Landlord Doesn’t Care About Your Rat Problem

Having an absentee landlord might sound nice, until you need him or her to help you out with some neighbors who are turning your apartment building in a rat’s nest. It turns out that the tenant who was living this nightmare also had the benefit of a landlord who had the hobby of injecting meth.

Landlord Disguised Fault Fire Alarms, Feels She Is The Victim

Katia Goremsandu, a landlord, was cited for using a sticker to disguise a faulty fire alarm and leaving her tenants living in damp and freezing homes. Goremsandu was convicted a total of seven times for various other offenses as well. Despite this, she believes that she’s the one who has been victimised and harassed,” in her case by the housing council.

Apartment Complex Bans Negative Reviews

A Florida apartment complex altered its tenant’s agreement in 2015 so it stated that anyone who left a negative review would receive a $10,000 fine, with the requirement that it be paid within 10 business days. A legal expert said the contract was technically unenforceable, but try to tell a landlord that.

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if you own property do not use it for rentals,large majority of renters assume it’s okay to live like animals.and believe it or not the laws favor the tenants and squatters

In many cities, you have too much capital and not enough assets. This means property prices rise to the point where rental makes no economic sense – the idea is to own it for future capital appreciation and/or redevelopment

For example: Gross rental yield in Hong Kong is about 1%. After all rates and management fees, utilities and repair costs, agency fees, the landlord pays out more than he gets from the tenant. Rental revenue is useful, but oftentimes not worth the hassle and risk.

With this in mind:

1 That’s just crime and covering it up, not about renting
2 That’s just perving.
3 Mental issues
4 America
5 Mob?
6 Rent control was way out of market
7 Religious nut
8 Legislature passed a law designed to evict her
9 America also tenant consented
10 Mob
11 Accident


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