1. The size of this excavator’s bucket.

2. Jedidiah Smith Redwood Park, close to where they filmed the Ewok village.

3. Triceratops femur (left) vs elephant femur.

4. A normal person with bodybuilders, and bodybuilders with strongmen. (Jay Cutler on far right followed by center).

5. These guys on a typhoon class submarine.

6. $4 million dollar Quartz found in Arkansas.

7. Baby Swordfish, crazy this little guy can grow to be over 1000 lbs!

8. Bigfoot 5 outside of the Summit Racing store, Arlington, TX

9. 100+ year old Saguaro in Tucson, AZ.

10. The amazing detail on this wedding cake.

11. Scales of Mars rovers.




14. 100 year old rhododendron bush.

15. This is the Metropolitan area outer underground discharge channel. It will fill with water to protect Tokyo from flooding. The concrete support towers are 18m tall.

16. Mammoth fossil.

17. NASSCO shipyard workers walk under the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard.

18. A “self seeded” sunflower my mom had a few years ago.

19. The turret of the WW2 German battleship Gneisenau are pretty massive.


21. Found a tiny baby praying mantis in the garden.

22. Yup, those small dots to the left are humans.

23. Nacelle and blades of a wind turbine.

24. Absolute unit had to be exterminated with military force (22ft long/2500lbs).

25. This tiny hotel room in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

26. Giant elephant ear plants looks like something from a million years ago.

27. This giant painting in Munich. I’m 6’2 for reference.

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