27 Weird Discoveries That Are Worth Having A Closer Look At –


1. This thing looks like an alien cake.

2. “Found this weird blue fruit at our city market. They’re known as Blue Olives.”

3. “Found a ‘live’ sand dollar at the beach.”

4. “Found this image while checking out a local park.”

5. These aren’t stones.

6. “Look at this icicle I found at work today. For reference, I’m 6 ft tall.”

7. “Found some old soda in my grandparents’ basement.”

8. “I went to South Central LA today and found this fabulous security system!”

9. “Found this creature washed up on the beach. Does anyone know what it is?”

10. When you find a very fit tiger at the zoo

11. “Found a transparent leaf.”

12. “Found in my grandfather’s house, any ideas?”

13. “My dad found a branch that grew back into itself.”

14. “I found this weird toilet paper at the local store yesterday.”

15. Unopened 1941 Pepsi Cola

16. A huge luna moth on a window in South Carolina

17. “I found a ridiculously large chair at work today.”

18. “I’ve found something incredible in my grandfather’s garage.”

19. “Found this mini-cart outside my restaurant.”

20. “Found this bottle with moss while walking in the woods.”

21. Very tiny hummingbird eggs

22. “Found this Albino ladybug this morning.”

23. “I saw this bubble wrapped in a spiderweb. Not really sure how it happened, but it looks cool.”

24. “Found this tired bee, gave him a drink of sugary sauce, and he sucked it all up and flew away.”

25. “This window filters out the exact wavelength of light that my gloves reflect.”

26. When this butterfly lands on you, you just hold your breath.

27. This is a huge head of a pharaoh that was found underwater close to the temple of sunken Heracleion, an ancient Egyptian city.

28. And here’s a trio from the temple of Heracleion that was raised together: the pharaoh, the queen, and the god Hapi. All statues date from the 4th and 2nd century B.C.

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