1. “This projector that comes down from a ceiling tile”

2. “Shirts made from plastic bottles.”

3. “This bee hive I found this morning.”

4. “I had a Clementine for lunch today… It had no fruit.”

5. “The wool of an Australian Merino sheep.”

6. “My Computer Science University has vending machines for spare parts.”

7. “This restaurant that I’m at has a dog menu.”

8. “This sports store has a mini obstacle course so you can test your hiking shoes.”

9. “This restaurant in Italy have a salami hose.”

10. “These steps I found while hiking are carved out of a fallen tree.”

11. “A squirrel has been stuffing this sign post full of acorns for the winter.”

12. “This penny I found from 1902.”

13. “This three story dog house I saw that someone built.”

14. “Random picture of Steven Tyler with some guy in a book I bought from Goodwill.”

15. “The real grass that has sprouted up in the corners of this fake grass.”

16. “I got a package in the mail today and the bubble wrap was heart-shaped.”

17. “The bank gave me a dollar from 1957”

18. “My milk carton has a level indicator.”

19. “The S in Shell caught on fire and burned.”

20. “My robotics teacher has a 1948 Olympic torch.”

21. “A stand for bikers to hold on to while waiting for the traffic lights in Sweden.”

22. Hourglass light.

23. “Found an old school video store with literally thousands of horror movies on VHS.”

24. “Soaked a gummy worm in water for a day.”

25. This house is sideways.

26. “Ghostly imprints of pigeons that flew into a window where I work.”

27. “Found a tide pod with no soap inside it in the container.”

28. “The way this knot in my wall looks like a dog.”

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