1. This waterfall that formed an ice crater

2. Translucent Blue Tang

3. This post that cows have been licking for 50 years.

4. The red bark under this tree that kinda looks like Vader post lava bath

5. This lightbulb filled with tiny lightbulbs

6. These bears in perfect sync, heading to sabotage someones trash cans

7. This garbage can that would make a really great jello shot mold

8. A mom, who painted her outlet to look like the tile because guests can’t know we use electricity

9. This geyser right before it erupted

10. This cake that looks exactly like ramen

11. Turns out scorpions glow under UV light, making them the perfect rave accessory

12. This super glue that spilled and dried like a smashed Looney Toon

13. This nut and bolt cut in half during construction

14. This wooden pencil that decomposed in the pot and left the graphite in the dust

15. This spot where someone spilled cleaner and it actually worked

16. What it looks like behind Niagara Falls

17. A very small frog

18. Ants carrying a centipede

19. A tree growing out of a much older tree’s stump

20. Cucumber from my garden shaped like the letter c

21. A great reminder of the Cretaceous Period, this large fossil of crinoids was found from the Kansas ocean.

22. Time-lapse Photo of a Beehive

23. “This cat I met today has Sauron’s eyes.”

24. “This lavafall must be a wonderful sight at night with its glowing lava flow.”

25. A completely golden bee

26. The glaring, dark stare of a five-foot-tall Jabiru Stork can be a frightening thing…

27. One remarkable camel flaunts its fabulous hairstyle.

28. Black opals look like some magic items trapping mystic energy

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