28 People Reveal Their Biggest Gripe to Living With Their SOs –


1. “My wife’s nightstand”

2. “Someone opened a new tube of toothpaste when a half-full one was right there.”

3. “My girlfriend often does this when she’s finished using the kettle.”

4. “My husband is good about washing dishes, but he never puts the clean ones away.”

5. It’s good when your significant other cares for you. But it’s bad when your understanding of care is too different.

6. “The way my girlfriend vacuums the passenger side of her car”

7. Social media is a constant cause for arguments.

8. “I asked my boyfriend to put the wash out to dry and came back to this.”

9. “My wife literally said, ’don’t move,’ then snapped this picture of me.”

10. Even cultural differences can be used against you.

11. “’Would you be mad if I cut a square in the middle of the cake?’ – My girlfriend and now mortal enemy”

12. “This watch my girlfriend got me for our anniversary”

13. “My boyfriend’s kitchen — it’s 5:16.”

14. Every family has their own problems.

15. “The way my boyfriend takes clothes out of the closet”

16. “Apparently, my husband refuses to finish a bar of soap. I found his stash.”

17. “My wife just sent me this photo with no explanation. I may have just entered into dog ownership.”

18. “This is how my boyfriend put away Jenga.”

19. “My husband bought memory foam for his side of the bed.”

20. When your phone is not only a communication device but also a reflection of your family relationships

21. “My boyfriend ate all the red skittles.”

22. “A 10-year argument with my wife is finally over.”

23. “My girlfriend opens every container like this. What a monster!”

24. It’s so sweet to wear your boyfriend’s clothes. However, your boyfriend may not think so.

25. “My husband put his pants right beside the laundry basket instead of just into it.”

26. People who leave bread crumbs in the butter never think of their partner.

27. “My wife likes to put her food and drinks on electronics.”

28. When people leave their dishes in the most random places

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