28 People Share Their Cringiest Bridezilla Moments



Not really a bridezilla, per se, but a super annoying and grabby bride.

My friend got married, and from the second she announced her engagement she was asking for gifts. She posted her registry on facebook at least once a week, before save the dates even went out! She hosted an engagement party, and threw a fit because she didn’t get lots of gifts (it’s not customary to bring gifts to an engagement party, maybe a bottle of wine for $50 but that’s not expected). She told me that anyone who didn’t get her an engagement gift wasn’t invited to the wedding! She hosted two bridal showers for herself. She had a bachelorette with lots of random people, and the invite had us all bring cash and liquor.

Throughout all this, she never sent a thank you card. I gifted her expensive champagne at the engagement party, some stuff from the registry for the shower, and cash for the wedding. I got one thank you card – 6 months after the wedding. she hadn’t even signed it! It was just a generic printed thank you card with her and her husbands name printed in it.

After the wedding, she got pregnant within like a month. Then started the baby registry begging. Posting on facebook nonstop, hosting herself two baby showers and inviting random people (like my parents, who have met her once but my parents are rich so we think she invited them for the gift). She didn’t send any thank you cards for the shower gifts either.

Baby is born, and the first thing she does is set up a gofundme for raising money for the baby, I think the goal is $1,000. So not much. But she also set up this meal delivery thing, where she’s asking her friends to sign up to bring her hot dinner every night for the first two months after the baby is born. She’s requesting super specific and expensive dinners too – stuff like grilled steaks, bbq ribs, and gluten free foods (she’s not gluten intolerant…). It’s just annoying. At least send a thank you card.




Not a bridezilla, but maid-of-honourzilla.

Friend of my wife was getting married and her sister (the bride’s sister AKA maid-of-honourzilla AKA Bitchzilla) was organising all the guests and everything via email.

First email;

“Accommodation and food for two for the weekend – £150, please pay into my account”.

Fair enough, they were getting married in a castle about 200 miles away, so accommodation was a must. No problem.

“Hen party meal & drinks kitty – £100. Please pay into my account”

Hmm, £100 for a meal and a few drinks in the local pub, really? Then;

“Canoeing trip the day before the wedding – £100. Please pay into my account”

Uhm, no thanks. I’d already decided to decline this one, as I was recovering from an ankle injury. The emails kept trickling in, and my blood pressure rising incrementally with each one.

“Salsa dancing lessons before the hen party – £50. Please pay into my account.”

I blew a gasket at this one. I did some research and found out that there’s one place within a 30 mile radius of the wedding venue that does Salsa dancing lessons. And they cost a lot less than £50. In fact if you worked out £50 x the number of people on the hen party attendees list it worked out at 2 free places for her and her sister. So this bitch is setting up an awesome weekend for her and her sister, and we’re all paying for it.

I added up the costs in all her emails and this bitch was expecting £575 from us before we’d even left the house. Unbelievable.

Email back to Bitchzilla;

“Will pay for accommodation, food and my wife’s food at the hen party only. No intention of paying for you and your sister to go canoeing, salsa dancing and getting drunk.”

The first revelation came when my wife went to the hen night and called me after an hour to come and pick her up from the restaurant, as it was the bride and all her close family and friends from school, and she didn’t feel welcome.

The final straw was when we got to the reception only to find there was no free drinks, champagne reception or wine on the table, just a cash bar.

I took back the wedding present we’d bought and returned it to the store after the weekend.

No idea why the best day of someone else’s life has to be the most expensive of ours.



My sister in law threw a massive fit because my other brother proposed to his girlfriend and they wanted to get married in the same year, but months apart (June vs December). She said it was her special year and didn’t want her attention taken, sven though they waited 3 years to get married. My other brother ended up just waiting till January the next year.




Not bridezilla but another crazy woman at a wedding. She was the best mans girlfriend at the time, and wasn’t allowed into the limo on the way to the wedding because she was crazy and no one liked her.

When the best man informed her, she grabbed a kitchen knife and chased him around the room seriously trying to stab him. I think she wanted to ruin the wedding by sending this guy to the hospital. After we wrestled the knife away from her she went from crazy eyed, devil woman to limp, crying girl instantly. I mean once that knife left her hand she immediately stopped screaming bloody murder and started sobbing uncontrollably instead. I had her by the wrist and vividly remember her trying to slash me with that blade. I’ll never forget it, because that’s the first time I’ve seen someone so insane, it still kind of sends chills up my back when I think about it. I can only imagine what that guy had to deal with.

She tried to manipulate us and act like a victim, and when she realized that we weren’t having any of her shit she stormed out of the house. Without missing a beat one of the guys said, “I hope that crazy bitch doesn’t come back.” and we all broke out laughing.

She did end up coming back though, she was let in because it was decided that she might do something even crazier if we kept her out. Hurt herself, start a fire at our house, damage our cars, or something else equally insane. Wedding went off without a hitch, couple groomsmen were asked to keep an eye on crazy, crazy was dumped a few months later.

Looking back on it, we should have called the cops and had her arrested. If it was a dude we’d of kicked his ass and called the cops. Crazy to think we just let her stroll out of the house after she tried to kill someone.



Bride RESENTED the decision to do the wedding on this day because she was on her period and was overly dramatic about his suit not being “elegantly fitting for her wedding” and not matching her “fabulous dress”




The bride asked me what colour her bridesmaids should wear (I was one.) I told her that given all five of us were redheads, a pale, pastel lilac is the only colour which should be avoided, as it makes us look dead.

Guess what dresses she picked? Floor length silk, pastel lilac. I assumed she’d forgot.

Her sweet husband later told me, completely nonplussed, that of course the bride has to put bridesmaids in awful dresses because she has to be the prettiest on the day.


This won’t be the biggest story, but I thought it was funny.

My good friend was getting married, and I was meeting her for lunch. She had mailed out RSVPs with stamps included for people to mail back. I called to coordinate meeting up, and said “oh hey, and I have my RSVP right here, I can give it to you.” She flipped out because I would be wasting the stamp they bought. “Dude, just put it in the mail like you’re supposed to!” She was dead serious — furious that I would waste the stamp.

I still brought it so I could drop it in the mailbox while I was thinking of it — she literally stood there and watched me put it in the mail, addressed to her…




Bride slapped her husband and left him at the alter as he was wearing a red tie instead of a bright pink flowery one that she wanted all the men to wear to fit in with her “pink princess wedding”, she told him in a text that he had “ruined her special day”.

Only her nephew was wearing the tie, he was a 1 year old.



The woman who married my BIL. The highlight of her bridezilla moments (and there were many) was sending out a 4 page, front and back letter to all the members of the wedding party regarding what exactly was expected of them. This included exactly how much they were to spend on gifts for the couple (basically, “Oh, don’t go nuts, tee hee…But it had better NOT be too cheap!!”), expected dress code for everything from informal meet ups to decide wedding attire and favors to the stag/bachelorette parties, and how they were to behave at all times. This was to a group of punk rock, anti-establishment kids with tattoos, colored hair, and leather galore. This was not unknown to the bride, as she claimed to be part of that scene herself. She actually demoted the best man the night before the wedding and “moved up” another of the groomsmen, because she felt the original best man (one of the groom’s oldest and best friends) wasn’t “pulling his weight” and doing things the way she wanted. This despite him honestly trying and being on his best behavior for everything, even though he had never been a fan of this girl.

And that’s just the tip of the bridezilla iceberg. I hate to say luckily, but…… luckily, the marriage did not last.

Edit: Was just reminded by another post here! Part of the 4 page list was for her bridesmaids to lose weight, and not only was hair style to be approved by her (which is OK) hair color and cut had to be approved as well. For the entire month or so before the wedding.



At my friends wedding, it was maid of honor-zilla. She micromanaged anyone and everyone, from the event staff, to the caterers, to the photographers. Basically, she just made everyone’s job twice as hard and was a pretentious bitch about it.

What made me frustrated was that the groomsmen had our separate room where we were getting dressed and had our own photographer who was trying to take as natural of photos as possible. She just walks right in and starts making her demands, telling us to do certain things and telling the photog to take pictures.

Thank god our buddy pulled his boxers up into a thong and started booty dancing on her and she looked at him in that offended disgust face (think that Brittney Spears gif) and she left.



I used to video tape weddings for a living and saw a lot of shit, but the one thing that will always stand out is seeing a bride cry at her own wedding because it just dawned on her that her new husband is an asshole. or maybe she knew all along and it took the reality of the wedding to wake her up. don’t know.




I saw a bride kick ugly people out of a group photo.




I was 17 and my dad was marrying a terrible woman. She made my brother and I walk my dad down the aisle. No big deal, whatever.

When the wedding was over, I was summoned to her hotel room so she could scream at me that I looked bored when I was standing next to my dad and I ruined her whole wedding. She then proceeded to tell me that I was not allowed to live with her and her children at her house and had to live at my dad’s house alone, where he would visit me on weekends.

Five months later, my dad takes me out to get Chinese food and tell me they’re getting a divorce.




I didn’t experience this, but a good friend of mine found out her friend was major bridezilla.

First thing first, she told my friend that she would arrange for my friend to get picked up at the airport and have a place for her to stay since it would cost her a lot of money to stay somewhere in NY. Two weeks before the wedding, she changed the date of the rehearsal, and forced my friend to change her flight (costing her over $400).

My friend lands in NY, and calls the bride who proceeds to tell her that she is too busy and that my friend has to figure things out for herself. So my friend had to book a room at the last minute and call a cab there.

Day before the wedding, the bridesmaids still don’t have their dress.. The bride doesn’t pick a dress for them until the day of the wedding….

Day of the wedding.. The bride is running 3 HOURS late doing stupid stuff. Her friends and family reminds her of the guests waiting for her at the ceremony and she just says “well, the wedding can’t start without me”. So she leaves her guests there waiting on a rooftop in NY for 3 hours (note, everyone is super dressed up, so not in comfortable attire to deal with the heat).

After the wedding, I believe they stopped talking because my friend realized the bride was such a spoiled monster.




I used to work in a place that was like a wedding mall of sorts. They sold everything from the dress to the food to the DJ’s and video production. It was a one stop shop.

This lady came in and demanded to be refit. She was claiming they made her dress too small. Our staff quickly took her back and started ensuring their measurements were correct that they used to have the dress made.

Nope. She had gained 15lbs since her fitting.

My boss said, “Ma’am, I’m not sure how to say this, but you’ve gotten bigger. The dress matches the measurements we took of you when you ordered the dress.”

She threatened to call all kinds of police and new “Action” reporters. Ultimately my boss said, “If you going to call anyone I’d recommend a gym.”

The guy was brutal.





A girl I know, I’ll call her Kate, was bridesmaid at a wedding. On the morning of the wedding the bride had a full on screaming bitch fit and demoted Kate from being bridesmaid because she had decided that Kate looked too pretty after having her makeup done and bride wanted to be the prettiest



I worked for a florist setting up weddings when I was 15. I was the lowest person on the totem pole- I had no control over any aspect of the work and I was a grunt.

I was setting up a wedding with hideous pink and sparkly decor. I remember it pretty distinctly. It was at the art museum on a Saturday, a venue that costs $10,000 to rent. So the bride and groom had money. I was alone at the museum because I couldn’t drive yet and I was frequently abandoned. Everything was ready for the reception.

Bride comes in and starts crying and screaming about how the pink wasn’t the right shade and her wedding was ruined. According to the contract she signed with my boss, she had to have seen an example of the work she was getting and approved it. She approached me (15 year old me hiding behind a column because I didn’t have anywhere to go) and started screaming at me for ruining the wedding. I hadn’t made a single arrangement there. I had no idea how to respond except to say I was sorry.




At my wedding, both of the mothers were awful.

The rehearsal was the day before the wedding and happened to be on my birthday. The plan was to have the rehearsal at the church and then go to the hall we had rented to decorate and have pizza, beer, and birthday cake. The only people from his side of the family who arrived at the hall were the groom and his best friend, whose car we were in. Unbeknownst to me, the MIL had made a restaurant reservation and told that entire side of the family (including all our groomsmen). Afterward she claimed she didn’t know what the plan was although her daughter later told me she did it on purpose.

She also showed up at the wedding wearing purple. Our theme was autumn colors and we wanted both the mothers to wear black with to match the Father’s tuxes. Nope, she wore purple. In the grand scheme of things the color thing was a small slight but it really hurt my feelings at the time.

My mother, arguably, was way freaking worse. She hated my soon to be husband and disliked his family even more. She was already angry that I’d rented a hotel room for myself and the bridesmaids to get ready in. Somehow she thought 7 women and two men could all get ready for a wedding in a house with one bathroom.

As we were setting up the hall, she insisted on putting the dance floor on the opposite side of the room as the bandstand and on a carpeted surface. When I disagreed with her and stood up to her (she was an awful bully) she flipped out and yelled at me and then told me she wasn’t going to speak to me because I was a know-it-all bitch. Well, okay then. Luckily, my girls were awesome. My best friend got me through that night in one piece.

The next morning she didn’t show up to the salon. She sent my brother over with the bouquets. He was in the wedding but my other brother didn’t even show up because he and my mother didn’t get along (so he worked his shift at a fast food place instead) She didn’t show up to the hotel to help me get ready. When I got to the church she stood apart from me only speaking to my dad and two year old nephew with the most sour look on her face. Awkward, right? The pictures are worse. She has that look on her face that shows she was pissed and not really going to try faking it much. On my wedding day, neither of my parents told me they loved me or wished us well.

At the reception she decided that she would talk to me again but only to bark orders at me. She kept interrupting the DJ by yelling at him from across the room and told him to skip some of the planned dances we had requested (like the mother-son dance). At the table where all our parents and grandparents were seated, not a single person spoke the entire meal. They couldn’t even pretend to be nice and make some small talk.

My wedding day should have been special but I mostly felt hollow. Our marriage only lasted 18 months. Neither of us were sad to see the in-laws go. I think it was sort of doomed from the beginning, we were too young. And I really didn’t believe that when you marry someone, you also marry their family. It’s so true.

Years and years later my ex-husband’s sister would painfully recount how awful my mother (hers too) were at my wedding while congratulating me for breaking off all ties with my biological family.

The story, however, isn’t entirely bleak. I’m engaged to a man now who has my back at every turn. He would never let his family treat me poorly in a million years. Not that it’s an issue. I love his family and especially his mom. We get on famously. And we’re probably going to get married at the Taco Bell in Vegas because we don’t see the point of spending a ton of money. We also don’t take ourselves so seriously, so it works.

TL:DR His mom was a bitch. My mom was evil. Hilarity did not ensue but divorce did. Engaged, happy, and biological family free now.




One day after her wedding, a friend I went to school with went on a rampage on Facebook about how none of her friends showed up to her big day and, the ones that did show up, didn’t dance or participate in anything at the reception. She blasted everyone and made her wedding party feel like shit because she spent too much money on unnecessary things that no one used (mainly the photo booth and tons of rented costumes and accessories to use in the booth). She made a second post an hour later complaining about all of the people that stopped her to take pictures and didn’t let her enjoy her party. It was hilarious to watch the comments flood in from people who went and were pissed and a few requested their gifts back. The kicker here is that a former classmate, someone who has a lot of mutual friends with the bride, lost his infant son earlier that week and the baby’s services fell on the same day as the wedding. Most of the people she was bitching at for not coming had opted to go to the child’s funeral service instead of her wedding. She lost a lot of respect and a lot of friends in two hours.




My sister’s best friend is getting married this year. They both work minimum wage jobs yet have reserved tens of thousands of dollars of wedding vendors/stuff. She went on facebook asking how she’s going to pay for it and everyone commented telling her to do something simple if they can’t afford it. She replied to every comment saying everything’s booked, it’s just a matter of coming up with the money now. She set up a gofundme and no one donated. It took all my strength not to comment and tell her a homeless person can book $100k of wedding vendors, doesn’t mean they can afford it.



I’ve been to something like 70 weddings, I worked as a waiter and busboy at a banquet hall.

in my experience, the brides mother is the real terror. usually because, at least in my experience, its her and the father actually paying for everything. I saw the brides mother, leading a pack of bridesmaids like hunting dogs straining at their leashes, corner a co worker and threaten to have the mafia violate and kill his family if he didn’t re fold the napkins at every place setting.




When I was about thirteen I was flying with my folks to visit family in Hawaii. While we were waiting for our flight, I overheard a woman throwing a temper tantrum to the desk agent.

She kept going on and on about how she was the bride and how she needed to be upgraded to first class or it was going to ruin her honeymoon. Screaming, crying, like full on toddler style temper tantrum.

It’s like, hun, the wedding is over. You don’t get to be Bridezilla after the wedding. If it was so important that you be in first class, you should have purchased a first class ticket.



At my wedding, it was a double matronzilla moment when both of the mothers-in-law showed up at the wedding wearing white dresses. I’m dumb enough that I didn’t realize that’s ordinarily (1) a huge no-no and (2) really, really petty and spoiled. My wife was awesome enough to not care what anyone else was wearing.




Spent weeks crying to my sister and I that ‘No one is happy enough that we’re getting married!’ She literally wanted us to call her once a week and tell her how happy we were that she was getting hitched, and how lucky we felt to be in her wedding party.

When we went bridesmaid dress shopping, she broke down crying when we chose the less expensive dress, and accused us all of trying to ruin her big day by making ourselves uglier. Yes, uglier.

The next day, she called me to tell me I was out of the wedding party, because I just wasn’t the kind of person she wanted in her wedding. You know, after we bought the dresses. She then invited other people to take my, and my sister’s place, in her wedding party, with the expectation that she’d be able to give them the dresses we’d paid for. She called, screaming that I had ruined EVERYTHING, when she went to pick up her bridesmaids dresses, and was 2 short. I had called and cancelled the order, and gotten a refund.

Yes, I got a refund from David’s Bridal. AMA.





I was working at a catering company back in high school. At one job, I saw the mother of the bride at a wedding pick up the carving knife at the beef carving station and almost stab the guy responsible for the beef. She stopped herself before doing it, but the guy had genuine terror in his eyes.




Not to me, but to my sister: her boyfriend’s sister was getting married that day and my sister came to their house early to help her into the dress. They came out of a room at the same time, and the father of the bride wasn’t able to see his daughter clearly, so he told my sister that she looked beautiful that day. The bride got offended because she thought her father had ignored her for my sister, and they had to spend an hour trying to coax her out of the room she locked herself into to cry and scream.




I have a friend who took out a $7500 loan for her wedding. Okay, that’s not too bad. It’s workable. That sounds fairly reasonable. Then, she asked her fiance to take out a $25,000 loan. (Forced him, really, by saying she’s leave him if he didn’t.) He had much better credit… And he got the loan. Then she begged his parents to pay for their honeymoon. His parents were completely unaware that she had asked their son to take out a loan for the wedding. They thought her parents were paying for a modest outside wedding at a local garden and she repeatedly lied to them until a few weeks before the wedding. She kept threatening to leave her fiance if he didn’t do things the way she wanted them done. Anyway, his parents were so happy to pay for a cruise for their honeymoon. A really, really nice Alaskan cruise. But, that wasn’t enough for her. She then lied to her own parents saying that his parents were only giving them $250 for the honeymoon, which her parents were shocked by as they were paying for the wedding and reception and thought the groom’s family would at least pay for some of the honeymoon. They encouraged her to get a better job (she worked 20 hours a week as a receptionist at a nail salon) or to at least go full time at her current job and she flat out refused saying that she had so much to do in planning for the wedding/honeymoon, etc. She was an absolute nightmare.

She and I hadn’t talked since high school (we weren’t very close, more like aquaintances) and she had gotten my number from a mutual friend to call and ask if I’d sing at her wedding. During that phone call she just spilled her guts about all of this. When she asked what she should do about the honeymoon, because she wanted her fiance to take off two and a half weeks instead of the 9 days he’d already taken, I told her that she was being a little unreasonable and very demanding with people. I said it gently and kindly. I wasn’t just like, “Wow, you’re being the worst person ever right now and your fiance is reeeeal stupid to marry you for a lifetime of this”. I said, “It seems like you’re putting a lot of pressure on everyone around you to do things your way and only your way. This is Evan’s wedding, too. Maybe ask him what he’d like. Planning this together instead of you by yourself can be a lot more fun. You guys are going to be together for a lifetime, so putting this much stress on everyone, yourself included, just makes things so much harder than they have to be.”. She was quiet for a few seconds then said, “Uh, okay, I deserve this wedding and Evan’s going to give me what I want. I don’t want you to sing at the wedding, you’re kind of a bitch for telling me that I basically don’t deserve a beautiful wedding!”. When I tried to explain that I thought she could have a gorgeous wedding, just with less stress and anxiety, she goes, “you’re just like everyone else and you don’t want me to be happy! My dad keeps telling me to get a better job and Evan fought getting the loan and you saying this makes me want to give up!” And she burst into hysterical tears and hung up. It was bizarre.

She was like that in high school. Very dramatic, mean to people and very selfish but I don’t remember her being that crazy and delusional about things.

They got divorced 14 months after the wedding.





Bride didn’t allow groom to pick who he wanted to come for his side of the wedding. Only Bride-approved groomsmen, best man, family, etc. I wasn’t invited, so I can’t comment on how the wedding went. I’d been the groom’s best friend for the previous 17 years, but generally disliked how incredibly controlling his girlfriend (now wife) was. His own brother wasn’t invited to the wedding either (same reason).

I haven’t really gotten to speak with him at all in the 3 or so years since the wedding took place. She keeps a very tight leash on him I guess. When they first moved in together she immediately cut out his gaming hobby all together, which was the only way we really kept touch with each other since we’d moved apart. He struggled with it for a long time. Apparently even when she wasn’t even at home, like when she was out for a night on the town with her friends, he wasn’t allowed to play his computer. If she found out that he was playing on his computer, she’d have a massive tantrum. I guess she eventually put a timer on the computer to restrict his playing. It would record exactly how long he’d been logged into his machine and if it went even a second over it became some kind of personal attack on her.

Frankly it was an abusive relationship. I tried to get him to reflect on it and see just how abusive she was to him, but he just kept responding “I’m happy” and “This is what I want”. Eventually I concluded that I couldn’t reach him anymore and if he really was “happy” then I shouldn’t be trying to talk sense into him.


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