28 Plot Holes That’ll Ruin Your Favorite Horror Movies

We love scary movies and the rush of watching characters go through hell on-screen from the safety of our seats. A lot of horror movies have fantastical elements and require a suspension of disbelief to be enjoyed, otherwise we wouldn’t accept the existence of demons, zombies, unstoppable killers and magical puzzle boxes that open the gates of Hell. But even with their outrageous plots, horror movies still have to make logical sense and follow the rules they lay down or they lose credibility.

Did you ever wonder how Michael Myers learned how to drive in Halloween? Or why Ash seems to have no memory of Evil Dead in Evil Dead II? Or why does A Nightmare on Elm Street seem to take place in Los Angeles only to be referred to as Springwood, Ohio in later sequels? Can you explain where that egg came from at the beginning of Alien 3? We can’t either.

Browse through these petrifying plot holes from horror movies.

Jason Is Afraid of Water in Freddy vs. Jason

Photo:  Freddy vs. Jason/New Line Cinema

While the two horror titans battle it out in Freddy vs. Jason, Freddy learns that Jason is supposedly afraid of water since he drowned as a child. While it’s true that Jason did drown in Crystal Lake, almost every Friday the 13th movie shows him quite at home in the water hunting horny teens. Why would the big guy suddenly be scared of it?

That iPhone Throws Off the Timeline in Texas Chainsaw 3D

Photo:  Texas Chainsaw/Lionsgate

2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3D is supposed to be a direct sequel to 1973’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In the sequel, which picks up right after the first movie ends, a baby is rescued from the cannibalistic house of horrors. Years later, Heather Miller (Alexandra Daddario) returns to Texas to claim property she inherited from a relative she didn’t know she had. It turns out that she’s that baby from the beginning as well as Leatherface’s cousin.

That’s fine, but Heather appears to be in her twenties, so if the movie follows the timeline of the first film, it should be set in the ’90s. And yet, during one scene, a cop uses an iPhone when he creeps around a house looking for Leatherface. Since the iPhone certainly wasn’t around in the ’90s, that either means it travels back in time or we’re supposed to believe Heather is the most supple-looking 40-year-old on Earth who hangs around with people half her age.

That Cabin Curtain Must Have Been Soundproof in World War Z

Photo:  World War Z /Paramount Pictures

When Gerry (Brad Pitt) pulls back the cabin curtain on the plane in World War Z, he sees that the zombie virus is quickly spreading throughout the cabin and that everyone is screaming. So are we to believe that the curtain prevented everyone in first class from hearing the horrific screams in the back of the plane? We know that decent drinks or food don’t pass between cabins, but sound kind of has to.

Michael Myers Had a Mask for Every Occasion in Halloween H20

Photo:  Halloween H20/Dimension Films

Although Halloween H20: 20 Years Later gave us a long-overdue confrontation between Michael Myers and sister Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), the makers really messed up the mask situation. Michael’s mask is different in almost every scene, with one scene even featuring a CG mask because they couldn’t get it right.

Aliens Allergic to Water Choose to Invade Earth in Signs

Photo: Signs/Buena Vista Distribution Company

M. Night Shyamalan can’t resist a twist ending. In Signs, aliens invade the Earth and one family is accosted by them in their rural house. Apparently, the young daughter has an inexplicable vision about a glass of water hurting them and she’s right: it turns out that water will kill the extraterrestrials. There’s just one glaring problem with this: why would aliens choose to invade a planet that is covered in water when it is like burning acid to them?

The Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park III Is Tripped up by a Wooden Gate

Photo: Jurassic Park III/Universal Pictures

The fearsome Spinosaurus featured in Jurassic Park III has no problem getting through a reinforced metal wall designed to keep out dinosaurs. However, when faced with a wooden security gate with some metal bars, it can’t get through.

Police Don’t Notice Bullet Holes in The People Under the Stairs

Photo: The People Under the Stairs/Universal Pictures

In Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs, Man sprays the walls of the house in an attempt to kill Fool, Leroy, and Roach. When the police finally show up, their professionally trained eyes don’t notice anything out of the ordinary like, say, bullet holes all over the walls.

Sebastian Pops out of Nowhere at the End of Hollow Man

Photo: Hollow Man/Sony Pictures Releasing

We get that Sebastian (Kevin Bacon) is invisible in Hollow Man, but he still has to obey the other laws of physics. At the end of the movie, after he has been set on fire, he somehow appears from on top of the elevator and grabs the character played by Elisabeth Shue. But he’s invisible… he can’t walk through walls.

Tangina Should Have Known They Didn’t Move the Bodies in Poltergeist

Photo: Poltergeist/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Tangina triumphantly declares, “This house is clean” in Poltergeist, but shouldn’t the gifted psychic have known and warned the Freelings that the spirits were at unrest because their bodies were never moved with the cemetery headstones? If she was communicating with the other side in the Freelings’ house, surely some spirit might have mentioned it.

Tina’s Dad Looks too Good to Be True in Friday the 13th Part VII

Photo: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood/Paramount Pictures

At the end of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, an injured psychic Tina summons all her strength to resurrect her dead father who has been at the bottom of the lake for years in order for him to drag Jason to the bottom. As you can see from the picture, he looks pretty good after being dead and submerged for years.

The Setting of A Nightmare on Elm Street Mysteriously Changed

Photo: A Nightmare on Elm Street/New Line Cinema

Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street was clearly set in Los Angeles. The teens casually discuss the possibility of another earthquake, palm trees are visible in several shots (especially at the funeral), and there is a scene on the Venice canals. As the series went on without Craven, however, someone must have decided to ignore all these details in the original until it is eventually revealed that the Elm Street from the series is supposed to be in Springwood, Ohio. The L.A. part must have been just a dream… or a plot hole!

The Puzzle Box Is too Easy to Open in Hellraiser

Photo: Hellraiser/Entertainment Film Distributors

For it being a sinister box that opens a door to the pleasures and pain of Hell, the puzzle box in the Hellraiser movies sure seems enough to open – you just push a button and run your finger over it. Yet, for some reason, the sadistic doctor from Hellbound: Hellraiser II needs to enlist the help of an autistic girl who is great at solving puzzles to open it for him.

Jason Pulls a Machete out of Thin Air in Jason X

Photo: Jason X/New Line Cinema

While the humorous Jason X pushes plausibility to the limit (Jason in space!), it’s a real stretch (or sloppy editing) when Jason escapes from his restraints in an empty room and is then seen chasing a character with a machete.

The Red Queen in Resident Evil Misunderstood the Assignment

Photo: Resident Evil/Pathé

The A.I. known as the Red Queen in Resident Evil has the primary objective of preventing the T-virus from escaping the Hive and getting out into the world. Every decision she makes, from killing everyone inside without alerting Umbrella so that more people will break in to find out what happened, increases the odds that more people will become exposed and that zombies will escape into the world and infect millions.

The Website in Hellraiser: Hellworld Plays Unrealistic Recordings

Photo: Hellraiser VIII: Hellworld/Dimension Films

Visitors of the sinister website in Hellraiser: Hellworld are greeted to Pinhead’s voice saying classic lines from the original movies. There is no way someone could have recorded Pinhead and used it for a website or that Pinhead would be so well-known that he’d be on T-shirts – not if we are to believe the events in the previous movies happened as they were depicted on-screen.

Chucky Forgets to Bleed in Curse of Chucky

Photo: Curse Of Chucky/Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

2013’s Curse of Chucky is actually not a reboot or remake… it’s a sequel in disguise. So if this is the same Chucky that was in Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky, he should bleed when he is decapitated… but he doesn’t.

The Killer in High Tension Was in Two Places at Once

Photo: High Tension/Lionsgate

If we’re to believe that Marie was the superhuman killer in the French film High Tension, that would have to mean that she also had a teleporter because there is no way she could have committed the grisly murders depicted on-screen without being in two places at the same time.

Starla Doesn’t Notice the Stench in Slither Until She Opens the Door

Photo: Slither/Universal Pictures

In Slither, Starla decides to check out what Grant has been up to in the basement and, after she opens the door, she recoils from the stench of rotting animals and meat. It’s a wooden door, not a sealed tomb. She would have not only been able to smell that all around the house, the stench would have likely wafted out into the neighborhood as well.

Darkman Should Have a Speech Impediment

Photo: Darkman/Universal Pictures

If your lips were burned off like Peyton’s (Liam Neeson) were in Darkman, you would have an extremely difficult time talking and forming words. You could possibly learn over time, but Peyton does it immediately so that audiences would be spared subtitles from the dark hero.

Michael Myers Knew How to Drive

Photo: Halloween/Compass International Pictures

In Halloween, a near-catatonic Michael Myers sits in a Smith’s Grove Sanitarium for 15 years after the murder of his older sister when he was a child. Now 21, he escapes from the hospital and steals a car to drive back to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois. The one problem: he shouldn’t know how to drive since he’s been locked up for 15 years. When this is pointed out to Dr. Loomis, he says, sarcastically, “Maybe someone around here gave him lessons!”

That Mysterious Alien 3 Egg Must Have Laid Itself

Photo: Alien 3 Special Edition/20th Century Fox

David Fincher’s bleak and dismal Alien 3 hangs on the premise that an egg was on board the Sulaco and the hatched face-hugger killed everyone except Ripley, whom it impregnated with a queen xenomorph. The only problem with this plot twist is that the egg-laying queen that Ripley blew out the airlock at the end of Aliens was not on board the Sulaco attached to her egg sack, which Ripley blew to bits. How did the egg get there? Maybe the upcoming sequel will explain it all away as a dream.

That Watchtower Fire Goes out Suspiciously Fast in Wrong Turn

Photo: Wrong Turn/20th Century Fox

One wrong turn the hillbilly horror flick Wrong Turn makes is when the surviving trio escape the burning wooden watchtower and escape onto the tree branches. With all that wood, the whole area should be ablaze, but the fire seems to just fade out as soon as the characters go out onto the tree branches as if the director yelled “cut!”

The Killer Mysteriously Disappears in Urban Legend

Photo: TriStar Pictures

Toward the end of Urban Legend, the crazy killer played by Rebecca Gayheart gets thrown out the front window on the second floor of a building. When the characters played by Jared Leto and Alicia Witt go out the front door, they don’t notice that her body isn’t there.

The Police Forget to Tape a Crime Scene in Gothika

Photo: Gothika/Warner Bros.

The police forget to tape up the house of Miranda Grey (Halle Berry) in Gothika even though it was the scene of a crime. Earlier, the police searched and taped off her office, but for some reason they just didn’t bother taping off her home.

Mun Can Hear Ghosts in The Eye

Photo: uploaded by Robert DeSalvo/Lionsgate

After she gets a cornea transplant, the classical violinist starts to be able to see ghosts because, as she later finds out, her corneas were donated by a psychically gifted woman who hung herself. That’s a creepy premise, but why can Mun hear ghosts at one point? The movie isn’t called The Ear.

Jigsaw Must Have a Third Hand at the End of Saw

Photo: Saw/Lionsgate Films

At the end of Saw, Jigsaw is lying on the floor with a tape recorder in one hand and a gun in the other. The tape recorder is taken by the characters and played, leaving one hand empty. Jigsaw is right between the two characters and is playing dead, yet somehow he has a remote control at the end of the movie and depresses the button to shock Adam. Where the heck did this remote come from?

A Possessed Regan Reacts Violently to Tap Water in The Exorcist

Photo: The Exorcist/Warner Bros.

After becoming possessed by a demon in The Exorcist, Regan reacts violently when a priest sprinkles her with what he says is holy water. But since he admits outside the room that it is only tap water, why would a supernatural entity from Hell flip out?

Ash Has No Memory of the Events in The Evil Dead in Evil Dead II

Photo: Evil Dead 2/ELP Communications

Ash (Bruce Campbell) was the only survivor of the possessed woods and cabin in The Evil Dead. Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II is a parody of the first film and quasi sequel, but Ash doesn’t seem to have any memory of the events in the first film as demonic problems arise in the same cabin with a new set of visitors. If your film is a demented remake of your first film, maybe the misleading title here wasn’t the best idea.

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