28 Weird But Unique Office Products

Mini USB-powered vacuum.

GAK-like keyboard cleaner.

Washable keyboard.

Laser keyboard that tracks finger movements.

Staple-less stapler.

Self-swirling coffee mug.

USB powered coffee mug warmer.

The ultimate desk napper pillow.

Full-on inflatable office nap room.

Under-the-desk foot hammock.

Under-the-desk stairmaster.

Work your balance out with this yoga ball chair.

USB powered mini-mini fridge.

No need for coasters with these side clip cup holders.

Desk-mounted punching bag.

This handy-dandy cord manager.

Give your family a makeover with this magnetic picture frame.

Keep your hands warm with these wtf bread gloves.

Mini humidifier that looks like it’s freaking out.

Peep hole with LCD screen and digital camera.

Place this under your desk, plug it into your usb port, and give it a tap when the boss comes to hide any non-work related things on your screen.

Air conditioned shirt.

This censor will let you know when your posture is adequate (like that will happen).

Donut-scented notebook.

Christmas countdown calendar.

This Tetris lamp illuminates as the blocks are connected.

Han Solo frozen in carbonite desk.

Whiskey water cooler.

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