29 Heartrending Child Labor Photos From History

“Callie Campbell, 11 Years Old, Picks 75 To 125 Pounds Of Cotton A Day, And Totes 50 Pounds Of It When Sack Gets Full. “No, I Don’t Like It Very Much.” Location: Potawotamie County, Oklahoma”

“Vance, A Trapper Boy, 15 Years Old. Has Trapped For Several Years In A West Va. Coal Mine. $.75 A Day For 10 Hours Work. All He Does Is Open And Shut This Door. Location: West Virginia”

“5-Year Old Harold Walker. Location: Comanche County, Oklahoma”

“Breaker Boys In Breaker, Hughestown Borough, Pa. Coal Co. Smallest Boy Is Angelo Ross. Location: Pittston, Pennsylvania”

“Newsboy Asleep On Stairs With Papers. Location: Jersey City, New Jersey”

“Rose Biodo, 10 Years Old. Working 3 Summers. Minds Baby And Carries Berries, Two Pecks At A Time. Location: Browns Mills, New Jersey”

“Rose Biodo, 10 Years Old. Working 3 Summers. Minds Baby And Carries Berries, Two Pecks At A Time. Location: Browns Mills, New Jersey”

“Arnao Family, Whole Family Works. Jo Is 3 Years Old. Boy Is 6 Years Old, Girl Is 9 Years Old. May 28th 1910, Before School Closed. Location: Browns Mills, New Jersey”

“Some Boys Were So Small They Had To Climb Up On The Spinning Frame To Mend The Broken Threads And Put Back The Empty Bobbins. Location: Macon, Georgia”

“Noon Hour In The Ewen Breaker, Pennsylvania Coal Co. Location: South Pittston, Pennsylvania”

“Young Doffers In Mollahan Mills, Newberry, S.C. Dec. 3/08. Location: Newberry, South Carolina”

“11:00 A. M . Monday, May 9th, 1910. Newsies At Skeeter’s Branch, Jefferson Near Franklin. They Were All Smoking. Location: St. Louis, Missouri”

“Photo Of Boys Working In Arcade Bowling Alley, Trenton, N.J. Photo Taken Late At Night. The Boys Work Until Midnight And Later. Location: Trenton, New Jersey”

“The “Carrying-In Boys,” Midnight At An Indiana Glass Works. Location: Indiana”

“Maud Daly, Five Years Old. Grade Daly, Three Years Old. Each Picks About One Pot Of Shrimp A Day For The Peerless Oyster Co. Location: Bay St. Louis, Mississippi”

“One Of The Small Boys In J. S. Farrand Packing Co. And A Heavy Load. Location: Baltimore, Maryland”

“7-Year Old Rosie. Regular Oyster Shucker. Her Second Year At It. Illiterate. Works All Day. Shucks Only A Few Pots A Day. Location: Bluffton, South Carolina”

“A. D. T. Messenger Boy, Indianapolis, 10 P.m. Location: Indianapolis, Indiana”

“Rhodes Mfg. Co. Spinner. A Moments Glimpse Of The Outer World. Said She Was 10 Years Old. Been Working Over A Year. Location: Lincolnton, North Carolina”

“Greel’s Shoe-Shining Parlor, Indianapolis, Ind. Said He Was 15 Years Old. Works Some Nights Until 11. Taken At 10 P.m. Location: Indianapolis, Indiana”

“‘Basket! Five Cents Each!’ Antoinette Siminger, 12 Years Old, 10 P.m. Had Been Selling Since Morning. Location: Cincinnati, Ohio”

“Frank P……., Whose Legs Were Cut Off By A Motor Car In A Coal Mine In West Virginia When He Was 14 Years 10 Months Of Age. Location: Monongah, West Virginia”

“Small Boys Work At And Around These Machines Some Of Which Are Dangerous. Location: Baltimore, Maryland”

“Carrying-In Boy At The Lehr, (15 Years Old) Glass Works, Grafton, W. Va. Has Worked For Several Years. Works Nine Hours. Day Shift One Week, Night Shift Next Week. Gets $1.25 Per Day. Location: Grafton, West Virginia”

“Bertha, One Of The Six-Year Old Shuckers. Began Work At 4 A.m. Maggioni Canning Co. Location: Port Royal, South Carolina”

“Children Thrashing Corn During School Hours On A Farm Near Dublin. Many Such Light Occupations Fall To The Lot Of The Georgia Child. Location: Dublin, Georgia”

“Four-Year-Old Mary, Who Shucks Two Pots Of Oysters A Day At Dunbar. Tends The Baby When Not Working. Location: Dunbar, Louisiana”

“Katie Kuritzko, 7-Year-Old Oyster Shucker. Has Mumps Now. Her 8-Year-Old Brother Also Shucks. Location: Dunbar, Louisiana”

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