29 Idiots Who Forgot To Log Out Of Facebook

1 . Friend #1, asking the right questions:


2 . #awkward:


3 . This is why you shouldn’t leave your Facebook account logged in at the Apple store:


4 . And this is why you SHOULD leave your Facebook account logged in at the Apple store:


5 . Apparently 118 people agree with the sentiment:


6 . “Also, sorry you like nickelback”:


7 . The saddest of all the plot twists:


8 . Best. Profile Pic. Ever:


9 . Dear Helen, your friends are lame:


10 . Same! Erm, about the Alex part. Well, maybe the margarine part too:


11 . Poor dude, that’s just adding insult to injury:


12 . Thanks for setting the record straight, Jake:


13 . “i know this was Moe only because it’s typed in ghetto”:


14 . It was obviously Haley:


15 . “You better Beliebe I got hacked!”


16 . And with that, Olivia put her phone back in her purse and returned to shopping:


17 . I wonder who could possibly be responsible for this…


18 . “And the news is hacked too, don’t watch it.”


19 . And things get awkward in 3…2…1…


20 . “I found it. It was in my bum.”


21 . 62 of this dude’s friends knows he’s a d*ck:


22 . “How on Earth did they find out about my pumpernickel dragons?!”


23 . Payback’s a b*tch:


24 . What a great de-menstruation of punmanship:


25 . “You told me you were a professional athlete, you perv!”


26 . Busted!


27 . Samantha: “… is what I THINK this gorgeous, genius hackstress was obviously trying to say. Obviously.”


28 . “The doctors were not able to remove his head from his a**, however…”


29 . And of course, the best “hack” of all time:



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