29 Of The Most Shocking ‘Game of Thrones’ Deaths – Ranked! –

‘Game of Thrones’ is known for killing off its characters. Like most people, my favorite death was that little shit-head Joffrey. But, this ranking is based on how much each loss shocked us, changed the show’s tone, and made us rethink our concept of the series, rather than purely on emotional impact.Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

29: Maester Aemon Targaryen(S5, E7)Aemon proves that a more traditional death from old age can be just as sad and shocking as the violent ends so many characters face. When he finally passed away in bed, at least he had Sam and Gilly at his side.

28. Thoros of Myr(S7, E6)When our gang of favorite Northerners finds themselves surrounded by the Army of the Dead, they’re forced to remain on a small frozen piece of land in the middle of a lake overnight. It is during this time that Thoros freezes to death, devastating Beric.

27. Talisa Stark(S3, E9)Talisa’s death was just the start to the nonstop nightmare of “The Red Wedding.” Compared to other victims like Robb and Catelyn, we didn’t know Talisa that well. But stabbing her unborn baby to death was a horrible way to start things off.

26. Jojen Reed(S4, E10)Apparently, Jojen always knew he was doomed to die, but was still determined to get Bran to where he needed to go. He didn’t deserve to be repeatedly stabbed by a skeleton, but at least he died having fulfilled his duty to Bran.

25. Syrio Forel(S1, E8)What do we say to the God of Death? “Not today.” Maisie Williams recently confirmed that Arya’s “dance instructor” never made it out of King’s Landing, and the news devastated us.

24. Grey Wind(S3, E9)You might think it’s crazy to have a direwolf this high on the list. But, if you still remember Grey Wind’s dying whimper after those Frey bastards shot him full of arrows, you’ll agree.

23. Lady(S1, E2)Arya’s direwolf died at the reluctant hand of Ned Stark after Joffrey, in one of his earliest displays of douchery, said she attacked him.

22. Stannis Baratheon(S5, E10)Watching Stannis get sucked deeper and deeper into Melisandre’s preachings was frustrating, to say the least. Every now and then he still showed a flash of humanity, but by the time Brienne tracks him down and exacts her revenge, Stannis has committed or condoned some truly appalling crimes.

21. Barristan Selmy(S5, E4)Ser Barristan remained a legendary fighter even in his old age, so it seems appropriate that he finally went down in a grand battle against the Sons of the Harpy, and even saved Grey Worm.

20. Shae(S4, E10)Just like Tyrion, we used to love Shae, but then she went and betrayed him at his trial. We’re still mad at her for that, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t sad and rather shocked when Tyrion ended up strangling her to death after being broken out of his jail cell.

19. Viserys Targaryen(S1, E6)Viserys was a sniveling brat who proudly admitted he’d let 40,000 men rape his sister for a shot at the throne. Well, he finally got the gold crown he always wanted when Drogo poured liquid gold over his head. Careful what you wish for!

18. Mance Rayder(S5, E1)Stannis sure does like burning people. Dying at the stake seems like a lame way for the fearsome King Beyond the Wall to go, but at least Jon Snow helped him out with that arrow to the heart.

17. Robert Baratheon(S1, E7)Cause of death? “A wild boar.” But really, his wife Cersei’s scheming (she got him drunk before he went hunting) was really to blame. Still, it all happened off-screen, so it was a bit of a bore. Get it, boar/bore!? I’ll see myself out…

16. Shireen Baratheon(S5, E9)Shireen couldn’t catch a fuckin’ break. Afflicted with greyscale and openly hated by her awful mother, she was still a remarkably sweet girl. Stannis seemed to love his daughter, but still goes along with Melisandre’s plan to sacrifice her to the Lord of Light.

15. Olenna Tyrell(S7, E3)One of our favorite schemers, Olenna went out with a bang. After she drinks Jaime’s poison, she informs him of her involvement in Joffrey’s horrific murder. “Tell Cersei,” she says, smiling at him. “I want her to know it was me.”

14. Walder Frey(S6, E10)Walder Frey had to die, and it had to hurt. The things that didn’t have to happen are what make his death great, specifically: the cold symmetry of Frey’s slit throat and Catelyn Stark’s, baking Frey’s kids into a pie, and best of all Arya doing the deed herself.

13. Khal Drogo(S1, E10)Our sun and stars’ death was a most painful one, mostly because of the tender relationship he came to share with Daenerys by the end of season one. Watching her smother her love to end his suffering was downright painful, but seeing the fire it ignited under the mother of dragons was almost worth it.

12. Ygritte(S4, E9)That kid Olly thought he was doing a good thing by shooting an arrow in Ygritte’s back, but all he did was break Jon Snow’s heart. AND OURS. We’ll never hear her taunt Jon Snow about his head full of nothingness again.

11. Tommen Baratheon(S6, E10)Poor, sweet, Tommen never wanted any of this. The crushing silence of his suicide produced probably the most memorable isolated death in “The Winds of Winter,” an episode with the highest main-cast-member kill count of the whole series since “The Rains of Castamere.”

10. Lord Ramsay Bolton(S6, E9)After seasons of watching the Bastard of Bolton murder, rape, torture, and humiliate characters, we finally go to watch him die. It was disturbing as hell to watch him get devoured by his own dogs – the beasts he starved to terrorize others – but it was satisfying as hell.

9. Viserion(S7, E6)We all knew Daenerys couldn’t keep ALL three of her dragons forever, and if she was gonna lose one, we’re happy that he at least turns into a badass zombie dragon that breathes blue fire.

8. Tywin Lannister(S4, E10)Getting crossbowed on the can is a pretty crappy way to go. (Sorry, I had to.) Tyrion shot Tywin twice in the torso, without even letting arguably the most powerful man in Westeros pull up his pants.

7. Robb Stark(S3, E9)Robb did sort of bring this on himself, but it was for love! Watching his agonizing crawl over to Talisa’s lifeless body was too much to handle.

6. Joffrey Baratheon(S4, E2)Sure, we all screamed “HE’S FINALLY DEAD!” from the mountaintops after Joffrey chocked down poison at his own wedding – but we have to admit we almost miss hating on the little bastard. Almost.

5. Hodor(S6, E5)Three simple words: “Hold the door.” I don’t think any of us were prepared for Hodor’s devastating backstory and death. It was the most I’ve ever cried watching someone die on ‘Game of Thrones.’

4. Littlefinger(S7, E7)Well, it’s about damn time. Petyr Baelish has been playing all our favorite characters for way too long. Watching Arya slit Littlefinger’s throat with the very dagger he tried to have Bran Stark killed with was such poetic justice.

3. Catelyn Stark(S3, E9)How much pain can one mom endure? Her husband is dead, her son Bran was pushed out of a tower, her son Robb was just killed, her unborn grandson was just stabbed…I could go on. It’s almost a relief when another Frey comes up to kill her too.

2. Eddard Stark(S1, E9)Ned’s execution was the first clear warning: don’t get attached to ANYONE. This franchise can and will come for even the most lovable, loyal dads. Seeing Ned’s severed head is a TV moment that still haunts us.

1. Oberyn Martell(S4, E8)Everyone was sporting Team Oberyn t-shirts when it came to his trial by combat battle with The Mountain. And it wasn’t enough to have him murdered. Oh no. They let us believe the Red Viper had won and avenged his sister right before the Mountain popped his head up! Tyrion’s fate was literally in Oberyn’s hands, which made it even more devastating to watch his skull get brutally crushed by the biggest man we’ve ever seen.

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