Not sure what you’re looking at? These pictures of odd things people didn’t recognize have been identified.


This thing wraps around itself and magnetically closes. The crystal part doesn’t open either.

Hand bag holder. The hinged parts wrap around the crystal bit and they magnetically close.


What is this Beautiful Hand-Crafted Pendant Thing??

It’s a himalayan carved amber and silver chameleon pendant.


Some sort of hard things coming out of my birch logs which are hard on the outside and liquid on the inside

It’s a fungus that lives on decaying wood.


My sisters boss got this thing from her grandmother. It was in her knitting box if that helps

A hairpin loom


A shard of pottery found when digging on a Tudor estate in Surrey uk. Looks to have the bottom part of a bearded face. Nothing on the reverse.

Part of a Bellarmine jug.


Went to a farm. My sister found this pumpkin and we bought it. Anyone know what it is and/or recipes involving it?

It’s a kabocha squash


Located next to shower. The top part opens but not the bottom part. Not sure what it is used for.

It is an in-wall hamper. The bottom should open.


What is this structure at my sliding door?

It’s just a handle to get the door out of the wall frame. Maybe yours doesn’t go completely inside but in some houses, they do! And without it the door would be stuck in the wall…


Hand tool, possibly automotive, 20th century, made in USA, found UK

It’s a piston ring grove cleaner


Found it on the street, the “rod” part is metallic and hexagon shaped, the black part is plastic, the other side is plain and it has no inscriptions/numbers.

It’s a fin key for a surfboard.


Found in BMW after having work done

A parking sensor.


Weird sign someone sent me. What does it mean and where is it from?

It’s a witty version of the witty “beware, the mosquitoes are big enough to carry off people” signs, often posted in Alaska.


What are these dots on this bumblebees back?

A mite infestation


This weird structure at a pier in a Rhode Island state park. Something to do with docking a boat?

A floating dock once stood here.


Found in an old toolbox searched google for number and got no results

Part of a Snap-On bearing press set


My friend pulled this up

Star Ascidian. It grows on slow-moving objects and plants in saltwater.


Found this on a Yucca

It’s an orb weaver spider (Argiope aurantia) egg sac.


My sister found this outside while walking. It looks to be made of iron and we don’t know much else about it.

It’s a wheel weight that clips onto a car rim to balance it. This is a nominal 50 gram weight that probably lost 2 grams from corrosion and the clip breaking off.


Someone added this to my fence gate when I was on vacation. Now I can’t open the gate. Looks professionally done, the fence was installed years ago..

It is an auto closing device.


About 3ft off the ground, top cork comes off and it has a door on the base that seems to only be opened from the inside which I can get to. What is this thing I found in the woods?

It’s some sort of old lock box.


Rubber object with a Ford emblem found on the beach.

It’s a suspension bump stop


Why does this whisky glass have two different measurements on them, and why in mm? (The Old Bushmill’s Distillery, Irish Whisky)

It’s a glass made from a bottle. Usually the measurement number on the bottom of the bottle refers to how much air-space is required in the neck for the bottle to have the correct volume. So if the fill level is 70mm from the top you have 750 ml of whiskey in the bottle. It’s possible that they use the same size bottle for more than one fill level. Say a 750ml and a 735ml. Different governments have different rules and regs, which might be the cause of the difference.


Possible kitchen tool? Business end is semi-flexible and about 1″ in diameter.

It’s a tool for stripping corn cobs


Found at work in a municipal sign shop. Heavy for its size.

It’s an old AMD integrated circuit.


On the back of a BMW.

It’s a tow hook. Some race tracks require them.


What is this contraption at the top of the bike?

It’s an alternative power source. Pedals for your hands


My brother found these while doing construction in Orlando

They are definitely some type of reptile eggs