29 Perfectly Lazy Products Your Bedroom Needs

1. The Lazy Glasses

The Lazy Glasses

So you can actually lie down while reading or watching TV. Amazon, $9.43.

2. Shoot Again Indoor Basketball Hoop Set

Shoot Again Indoor Basketball Hoop Set

Be athletic from the comfort of your own bed. Fancy, $50.

3. The Bedfan

The Bedfan

No more awkwardly sleeping with your foot out from under the covers. Amazon, $84.95.

4. SipSnap Drink Covers

SipSnap Drink Covers

Because spilling your wine in bed probably means you’ll have to do laundry.SipSnap, $19.95 (set of three).

5. Remote Control Pillow

Remote Control Pillow

If you misplace this remote, that’s on you. Sears, $19.99.

6. Bedphones


These won’t hurt your ears when lying down. Bedphones, $59.95.

7. Smart Sensor Anti-Snore Pillow

Smart Sensor Anti-Snore Pillow

This pillow detects snoring and automatically inflates to nudge the snorer to turn over. Amazon, $104.

8. Thumb Thing Book Page Holder

Thumb Thing Book Page Holder

One hand for book, one hand for snacks. Amazon, $5.23.

9. The Bariseur Alarm Clock and Coffee Brewer

The Bariseur Alarm Clock and Coffee Brewer

Wake up to the fresh scent of coffee every morning. This product is still in development, but will soon be available to purchase at Josh Renouf Design.

10. Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

The joy of cuddles without the annoyance of other people. Amazon, $99.95.

11. Glowing Memo Alarm Clock

Glowing Memo Alarm Clock

For important memos like “Don’t forget to wear pants!” Fancy, $20.

12. DoodleDoodle Pillowcase

DoodleDoodle Pillowcase

For important memos like “I love you, sleeping buddy.” Houzz, $19.95.

13. Nightstand Fridge

Nightstand Fridge

Keep a stash of beers by your bed without looking like a frat house. This Is Why I’m Broke, $379.

14. Heated Huggie Bear

Heated Huggie Bear

For cramps and cuddles. Firebox, $30.79.

15. USB Bed Lift Set

USB Bed Lift Set

You’ll be able to host a full-on study sesh in your dorm bed. Bed, Bath & Beyond, $29.99.

16. Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Doubles as a play fort, as everything should. Privacy Pop, $129.99.

17. New York Window Poster

New York Window Poster

For the NYC “bedroom” without any actual windows. Fancy, $14.

18. Igloo Dome Pillow

Igloo Dome Pillow

Light and sound-absorbent. Japan Trend Shop, $225.

19. Sound Asleep Pillow

Sound Asleep Pillow

For podcast pillow talk. Firebox, $27.69.

20. Spill-Proof Nail Polish Holder

Spill-Proof Nail Polish Holder

Uneven bed, meet manicure. Amazon, $9.99.

21. Pizza Pie Queen Duvet

Pizza Pie Queen Duvet

Warning: May cause cheesy dreams. Cafe Press, $158.

22. Nap Massaging Bed Rest

Nap Massaging Bed Rest

Brookstone, $99.99.

23. Wireless Appliance Remote Control

Wireless Appliance Remote Control

Getting up to turn off the light is for noobs. Amazon, $12.74.

24. Glass of Milk Light

Glass of Milk Light

To keep lactose-intolerant monsters away and also to light your way to the bathroom. Firebox, $12.29.

25. Apple Pie Blanket

Apple Pie Blanket

Because this is America. Beloved Shirts, $49.95.

26. Book Rest Lamp

Book Rest Lamp

Because who can keep track of a bookmark, really? Gone Reading, $69.99.

27. Remote Control Garbage Can

Remote Control Garbage Can

Japan Trend Shop, $36.

28. Aurora Night Sky Projector

Aurora Night Sky Projector

Why go outside? Amazon, $93.10.

29. Multifunctional Laptop Stand

Multifunctional Laptop Stand

So many ~positions~. Amazon, $39.99.



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