Was A 3-Fingered ‘Alien’ Body Just Unearthed In Peru?

Was A 3-Fingered ‘Alien’ Body Just Unearthed In Peru?

I believe in aliens as much as the next crazy person, but even I have a tough time believing this one. But hey, it’s still a pretty damn bizarre story.

UFO lovers are scratching their head over the recent discovery of a small, three-fingered body found in Peru — a discovery that has some people believing that aliens once walked on this planet. But of course other folks think it’s just a big hoax in order to get people to pay up. And yes, it’s probably the latter, but it sure is entertaining.

Just look at this thing.

‘Investigative journalist’ Jaime Maussan was the one who unearthed this “alien,” but now people are skeptical. Why? Well because the video’s creators want to charge people $300 to attend a conference to discuss the find. Yeah…that seems fishy.

And The World Congress on Mummy Studies aren’t fans of this discovery as they describe it “an irresponsible organized campaign of disinformation.” And Nigel Watson, who is the writer behind the “UFO Investigations Manual,” had this to say:

“Looks like a plaster cast model to me. I’d call it a 110% fake!”

Well, we will leave it up to you. Check out the video of it below to learn more information about this find, and make up your mind…



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Jaime Maussan is a renowned hoaxer. He charged only a year or so ago to see photos that turned out to be fake.

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