Only 3% Of People Will Pass This ‘Creativity’ Test (Myself Not Included), Are You One Of Them?

Alright guys, I call bullshit on this question – while the answer the video gives is technically correct, there’s gotta be more than one way to solve the problem. In other words, I’m throwing a mild hissy fit that I got the question wrong…but only because my answer still would’ve worked. Definitely. For fucking sure, I swear.

But before I start raging about how life isn’t fair, here’s the question posed:

Imagine you are a doctor and one of your patients is about to die from a tumor. You can’t perform surgery, but you do have a ray gun, which can focus a high intensity ray to destroy the tumor. Now, there’s a problem at this high intensity: the ray will also damage the healthy tissue it passes through. If you try to lower the intensity, while the healthy tissue is safe it no longer has the ability to destroy the tumor.

So…how do you destroy the tumor without destroying the tissue?


Take a minute to think before scrolling down.


























The video wants you to use 10 ray guns set at 10% each that you can point at the tumor from different directions, like so:




ray gun

Unfortunately for me, I did not listen to the directions close enough, making my solution of “Cut that bad boy open and give that tumor some direct hits!” non-applicable since you can’t perform surgery. Nuts!

Then again, the wording in the video says you have “a” ray gun, as in ONE ray gun. Uno. Solo. One less than two and one more than zero, aka THEIR solution is bullshit as well. Unless, of course, you too did not listen/read the directions very well and managed to come up with the “10 ray gun” answer all on your own, in which case congrats – you are much smarter than I am, as I would have never figured it out.

Don’t get excited though. Being smarter than me isn’t much to brag about.



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