3 Of The Most Popular, Super Erotic Fantasies

3 Of The Most Popular, Super Erotic Fantasies

Hidden behind the safety of bedroom walls, the most popular erotic fantasies come to life in first-hand accounts.

Erotic fantasies are a way for individuals and couples to explore new areas of themselves and their relationships. Most people share common popular erotic fantasies, such as student and teacher or doctor and patient, but others have varied fantasies that may seem less cliched. These can include group sex, exhibitionism, and even sex with a mother-in-law!

To each his own, right? We’re not here to judge, but rather to share in the joy that is fantasy—and the more erotic, the better. Many erotic fantasies are often kept hidden in the recesses of our minds or behind the safety of bedroom walls. Some of these ideas are now being revealed in real-life accounts of some of the sexiest and most popular erotic fantasies.

Group Sex

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Erotic fantasies about sex with more than one partner are extremely common—especially among males. The multi-partner situation can satisfy a variety of sexual tastes: e.g. voyeuristic, exhibitionistic, and/or homosexual. It also coincides with the idea that people like to have more than one partner in a lifetime. This is one of many popular erotic fantasies that exists even when people are part of monogamous relationships.

Sales manager, male, twenty-five, British, never married. First masturbated and first had sexual fantasies at age eleven. First had sex at thirteen. Claims to have slept with between 130 and 150 partners.

I am alone and exceedingly frustrated, and I go out for a walk to meet a girl in the same position. I go back to her place and, after a lot of foreplay, she says that we can have intercourse as long as I satisfy her widowed mother and her two sisters, aged eighteen and twenty-two. I must show them the ropes. On agreeing to this, her sisters and mother appear and take me upstairs to bathe me. By this time I am exceedingly horny, but I have to wash the girls while the mother masturbates me. Just before my orgasm, they put their toothbrushes at the end of my penis to collect the ejected sperm, and then they all clean their teeth with it. This makes me very turned on once again, and we go to the bedroom where I have sex with the two sisters. While I am doing this, the eldest daughter is being savaged by her mother, who is wearing a dildo. While I am having intercourse with the eldest daughter, the mother straddles across me and I lick her clitoris. I cannot remember what happens next, as that is as far as my fantasy goes.

(Incidentally, the respondent adds: “This one of my popular erotic fantasies has been three-quarters fulfilled with a beautiful girl, her charming sixteen-year-old sister, and their exceedingly refined and beautiful mother. This is quite genuine—it was wonderful!”)

Canadian female, secretary, age nineteen, single. First masturbated at eighteen, fantasized at nineteen, coitus at sixteen. Has slept with 16 different partners.

First of all, a group of men tie me to high posts, arms and legs outstretched, face-down. They rip off all my clothes and feel my body all over. While one is kissing me, another will be sucking on one breast and someone else will be sucking the other. One guy will enter me from behind, while another plays with my clitoris. Then another one will make me suck his penis until he comes. This last idea excites me very much, and I usually have an orgasm by this time. Then they turn me face-up, and all of them have me in the normal position.

American chef in NYC, thirty-four, married. First sexual fantasy at age nine, masturbation at ten, sex at fifteen.

I picture a girl lying on her side—naked—and she is surrounded by naked men. All of them have hard, glistening erections and they start finding places all over her body to bury, at least the head, in her soft warm flesh. She grasps the nearest one and pulls it down and into her mouth, sucking gently and tonguing the head. Then she grasps one more in each hand, one in each armpit, one between her breasts, one pressing into each ear, one up her vagina, one up her rectum, one behind each knee in the joint, and one rubbing back and forth on the soles of each foot. The men are all masturbating as they are hunching into these various spots, rubbing the heads of their moist penises in slow circles. Gradually they increase the tempo of sounds and movements until they are all moaning and thrashing in one huge climax. While visualizing this, I can sometimes imagine how it must feel to the girl, and yet at the same time I can feel the sensations of all the men, too. By the time everyone has collapsed into the one exhausted climax, I am fully aroused for real…

British investor, male, age twenty-five, never married. First masturbated at age eleven, fantasized at fourteen, had sexual intercourse at thirteen. Has sexual fantasies “often” and classifies himself as bisexual, as borne out in his fantasy.

I am in a double bed with my girl, aged twenty-three. Also in bed with us is a man aged twenty-one. I first 69 with the girl while the boy watches and masturbates. I then give the man head while the girl masturbates me, and three-way body caresses are taking place. The girl has a luscious, moist, warm vagina with an abundance of hair. The man’s penis is of medium dimensions but is incredibly alert and hard. Next the man lies face-down, legs apart, between the girl’s legs eating her out, while I work myself off. Finally, I carry out full intercourse with the girl while masturbating the man’s hard penis. During intercourse, the man gives me a sensual back rub.

Trainee manager, male, twenty-three, unmarried university graduate. First fantasized at age eleven, masturbated at age thirteen, had sex at sixteen. Has sexual fantasies “very often” and orgasms three times a week. Describes himself as bisexual, and 26-50 percent of his heterosexual sex acts are accompanied by homosexual fantasies.

I am in a room where they are filming a movie with a beautiful girl and a well-built, dark, young man. The man ties the girl up and begins slowly, callously, to arouse her by violent manipulation of her breasts, tonguing her vagina and clitoris and so on. The girl’s resistance ebbs as her passion mounts. But as the man slowly, mockingly undresses, the girl sees his penis is at least ten inches long. She is horrified, for she is a virgin. He is still determined, however, to have his way. In desperation the girl calls for help. I grasp a whip which is somehow around and beat the violent brute off, and continue until he is raw and unconscious. I untie the girl, who is by now sobbing and near-hysterical. My repeated attempts to calm her down lead to a few kisses, and then it becomes obvious she is passionate for intercourse with me. I suggest to her, to calm her horrific memories, that I begin to do the same to her as the other man did, only this time gently. She agrees. I bind her up and gently arouse her with my mouth and my fingers. I am aroused by the smell and the sweet, musky taste of her. Eventually we can contain ourselves no longer, and I pierce her tight young vagina with slow, penetrating thrusts. Despite the pain, she comes to a massive climax. I then untie her. The film crew quietly pack up and leave, taking the man with them. I stroke her long hair, and for the whole night we make love, and talk, and laugh.

Machine operator, male, twenty-sox. Irish, never married. First coitus at nineteen, masturbated at seventeen, fantasized at twelve. Has 10 fantasies and 15 orgasms a week.

I continually imagine myself married to two girls or living with two girls. They are both madly in love with me, and I sleep with both of them and have complete mastery over them. I keep a long cane and punish each in front of the other should they misbehave. They have to be extremely sexy, and while I have intercourse with one, at the same time I want the other partner to be in bed also, so that I can kiss and caress her body, too. Then I will change partners around.

Female Exhibitionism

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Traces of exhibitionism, the desire to show off the naked body, are to be found in many types of popular erotic fantasies, especially among women. Men may also experience this desire, but it is more common among women. While this fantasy differs from person to person, it can be something as subtle as having sex in a room where people can hear you to full-out having sex in a public place.

Commercial artist, female, twenty-four. Some college, but did not graduate. First coitus at nineteen, masturbated at twenty-two, fantasized at seventeen. Has sexual fantasies “almost daily,” orgasms five or six times a week.

I am grocery shopping while wearing a pair of pants that are so tight that when I bend over, you can see almost everything. Another time I am wearing a knitted dress with nothing else. It is very short and so loosely knit that you can see everything through it, and my nipples stick right out of it. I get on a bus while wearing this dress, and sit with my legs apart. Because it’s so short, everyone can see everything.

In another fantasy, I am acting either in a movie or on stage in front of a lot of people. I have the same dress on at first. I bend over from the waist, so everything shows from behind. Then I slowly turn around as I take off the dress. I lie on a bed and rub my nipples and clitoris until I come. A man with an enormous penis comes in. First he goes down on me until I come again. Then he does it to me from behind.

Wish Acceptance

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An “acceptance” fantasy is one in which a desired but unattained goal is realized. Sometimes this fantasy takes the form of sex with a new partner. Sometimes it takes the form of a previously forbidden affair with an existing partner. Other times it takes the form of a forbidden sex act with any partner (here, of course, acceptance of one’s sexual predilections rather than acceptance of oneself is paramount).

American engineer, male, married, aged twenty-seven. College graduate with some post-graduate education. First fantasized intercourse at age thirteen, performed it at sixteen, masturbated at fourteen. He quite frequently (25-50 percent of times) fantasizes sex with one partner while performing with another.

He prefaces his fantasy by explaining: “My mother-in-law is a terribly sexy little thing who has had a succession of lovers over the past few years because her husband is completely apathetic about sex. I have witnessed her in bed with one of her lovers, and she appears to be the proverbial nymphomaniac. My fantasy began to take shape shortly after I witnessed this act.”

I imagine my mother-in-law inviting me into the bedroom while her husband is at work. She quickly arouses me to erection and takes my dick between her breasts. She rubs them back and forth until I feel like my cock is about to explode. She then takes my cock into her mouth and gives me head until I come in her mouth, whereupon she swallows every spurt. Immediately after I am finished she kneels on the bed and we perform anal intercourse while I insert three fingers in her vagina and wiggle them back and forth rapidly. She gets a tremendous charge out of this, and comes in about 30 seconds. After she is finished, we continue, with her doing a fantastic little fanny-dance that soon has my cock spitting like a garden hose.

(The respondent adds: “I am doing my damnedest to see that this dream comes true”).

English woman, company director, age twenty-five, married. First masturbated at twelve, first fantasized sex and first had it at eighteen. Has slept with only two partners.

I am unconscious in a private room in a hospital. The doctor—my own doctor in real life—is present when I come round. He pulls back the bedclothes and I am naked. He is so overcome by my beauty that he immediately has an erection and grows extremely excited. He tries not to show it but I can tell—and he knows that I know. I think he is hot in my fantasy (as I do in real life), and I deliberately wriggle and squirm on the bed in an “innocent” way to excite him all the more. He has always loved and desired me, but he knows I would never be unfaithful to my own man. But seeing me like this is too much for him. I lapse into sleep while he is sitting by my side (I am suffering from sleeping sickness, you see). When I come round again he says he must examine me, and I nod my head and give him a look of apprehension. As he starts to press various parts of my body, I become very very excited but I still try not to show it. However, there are by now tell-tale signs.

I pass out and when I wake up, the doctor is straddled across me without any clothes on but his lab coat. I could not possibly resist now and in it goes. He takes hold of my hips in a masterly way and, with long slow strokes, screws me. He moves my hips wherever he wants and thrusts long and deep. His cock is covered white by my emission. Needless to say I fall sleep again afterwards.

(This respondent adds: “I think the reason for falling asleep at such obvious stages of this one of my popular erotic fantasies is to excuse myself for what I’m doing. How can I help what he does when I’m asleep and helpless?”).


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