30 Amazing Historical Artifacts

Armour for a Boy, probably Prince Henry Stuart 1608

Chinese Qin Sword with Gold Openwork Handle 770 – 476 B.C.

Scythian golden comb 5th century BC

Knife-and-Fork Set with Mars and Diana, ivory and iron 1650-1690

Burmese bronze ‘dragon’ cannon, 1790

Lewis chessmen – 12th century chess pieces, most of which are carved in walrus ivory.

Aztec Stone of the Sun – the exact purpose and meaning of the stone is unclear 14th-16th century

Berlin Gold Hat – 490 grams of gold, overall height 745 mm, average thickness 0.6 mm. Made in the Late Bronze Age, circa 1,000 t

Helmet Namban Boshi circa 1600

Cuirass holed by a cannonball at Waterloo

Parade shield made by Leone Leoni, Italian sculptor in XVIth century.

General Patton’s Colt .45 Model 1873

Caparison ordered by Swedish royal household in 1621

Dunstable Swan Jewel from about 1400

Top of the Lion Armour’s helmet. 16th century, France.

Elephant armour from 17th century India. It’s composed of 5,840 plates and weighs 118kg

The Sword of Emperor Maximilian I

Eighteenth century make-up kit from England opening it reveals a mirror, pencils and a manicure set

Gold Silver on Bronze Mycenaean “Lion Hunt” burial dagger. Grave Circle A, Mycenae, Greece 16th century BC

Lycurgus Cup – roman, 4th century goblet which changes colour when held up to the light.

Morion for the Guards of the Elector of Saxony

Catherine the Greats chair, probably destroyed by communist in 1950.

Peacock Clock from Hermitage Museum. It’s a large automaton made for Catherine the Great in 1781

Polish Hussar’s half-armour, mid-17th century

Pyxid Al Mughira from 968 year

A golden wreath and ring from the burial of an Odrysian Aristocrat at the Golyamata Mogila tumulus mid-4th century BC

Abraham Lincoln assassination chair from Ford’s Theatre

Egyptian ring from the tomb of King Tutankhamen

Armoured Dresses, Graz Armoury, Austria. Late 16thEarly 17th century.

Joyeuse – Charlemagne’s personal sword

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