The 30 Best TV Shows That Were Canceled In 2015-2016

The 30 Best TV Shows That Were Canceled In 2015-2016

TV Shows come and go every year, but sometimes losing a certain show hurts more than others. It’s a natural thing, the circle of network life. No show can last forever, as much as we might want it to. Even Friends ended after 10 years, and at some point in the distant future (after its record-breaking 82-year run), even The Simpsons will go extinct.

The onslaught of 2015/2016 cancelled shows is no different. These cancelled TV shows include everything from new favorites (Hemlock Grove, Gravity Falls) to modern classics (Mythbusters, America’s Next Top Model, American Idol), plus some newer cult favorites (The Good Wife, The League). Plenty of brand new shows got the axe, as well (The Player, Wicked City, Banshee), never getting much time to find their footing in the competitive TV landscape.

But worry not, these TV shows canceled in 2016 are just helping to make room for other shows that the masses can fall in love with (unless they end up on our cancelled shows of 2017 list). These were the best television shows cancelled in 2015-2016! Vote up your favorites below!

List Criteria: List includes shows that were supposed to air during the 2015-16 season (roughly September ’15 – August ’16), but were canceled

2 replies on “The 30 Best TV Shows That Were Canceled In 2015-2016”

Mythbusters didn’t get cancelled. They retired.

If you click through the ranker widget, you will see a trend, Each an every show is already getting downvoted into hell, Maybe that is why the shows got cancelled? No one likes them.

Ya i thought the Mythbusters were retiring?
“Hyneman felt it was time to let go – both Savage and Hyneman were executive producers of the show and they want to go out strong. He goes on to say that almost everything he did in the show brought out the kid in him like when he drove the first rocket car in the desert while piloting it from a helicopter.”

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