30 Cosplayers Who Got Really Into The Holiday Spirit


30 Cosplayers Who Got Really Into The Holiday Spirit

1. Sheik, the Sage of Yuletide by Sisa Cosplay


2. Santa of Rivia (Witcher III) by Taryn Cosplay


3. Jason the No-Nosed Ranger by Kojima San Cosplay


4. Levi “Santachou” Ackerman by ErikarnayaCosplay


5. Joker’s Eggnog by One Bad Day Cosplay


6. Christmas Cammy by Megan Coffey


7. The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who by Twinzik Cosplay


8. Ruby Rose Gets a Present by Labinnak & Mangoloo


9. Tinkerbell by Tink-Ichigo


10. Cozy Xenomorph Queen by Giulietta Zawadzki


11. Christmas Harley Quinn by KiriChan


12. Merrill (Dragon Age) by Lucky Strike Cosplay


13. Persona 5 Group via @b0nge2


14. Santa the Hedgehog by Sonic the Cosplayer


15. Noel Nier 2B by Pastel Jellies


16. Festive Princess Leia by Sheikahchica


17. Christmas in Mirkwood by Team Satisfaction Cosplay


18. Supergirl by chiquitita-cosplay


19. Candy Cane Jinx by Horo Von Kaida


20. Sombra Winter Wonderland “Peppermint” by Hane Cosplay


21. Santa Squirrel Girl by Meg Galacticat


22. Jewverine (Jewish Wolverine)


23. Santa Doom by CaptCash


24. Scrooge Cersei Lannister by @ladykatrina_of_housegibson


25. Negan for the Holidays by the-wasteland-roamer


26. League of Legends Gals by MaruSinastriSeviria CosplayNyao-chan CosplayKasplay


27. Mei by Highwinded Cosplay


28. A Mushroom Kingdom Christmas by Lunar Maiden and Muggleborn Cosplay


29. Velma by Gina B. Cosplay


30. Batman Under the Miseltoe via Gotham Sirens Cosplay


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