1. Most F-Words In A Scripted Film


2. People Killed In Terrorist Attacks In 2017: Europe (Blue) vs. Africa (Red)


3. The States In Blue Have A Combined Total Population Equal To Los Angeles County, In Red



4. Berlin Subway Map Compared To Its Real Geography


5. Trending Google Searches By State Between 2018 And 2020


6. Area Of Land Burnt In Australia And Area Of Smoke Coverage Shown As Equivalent Area Over Europe



7. Us Elevation Tiles


8. Harry Potter Characters: Screen Time vs. Mentions In The Books


9. Searches For International Men’s Day Peak Every International Women’s Day



10. Lyrical Composition Of Daft Punk’s ‘Around The World’


11. The Popularity Of The Name ‘Karen’ Has Seen A Dramatic Decrease Within The Last Ten Years


12. In America, Young Adults Are Now More Likely To Live With Parents Than Spouses



13. Percent Of Air Per Bag Of Chips


14. Us College Tuition & Fees vs. Overall Inflation


15. The Environmental Impact Of Beyond Meat And A Beef Patty



16. To Show Just How Insane This Week’s Unemployment Numbers Are, I Animated Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims From 1967 Until Now. These Numbers Are Just Astonishing


17. Two Thousand Years Of Global Temperatures In Twenty Seconds


18. Most Popular Web Browsers Between 1995 And 2019



19. My Experience Of Trying To Find A Job As A Pilot In The Last Four Months


20. Google Year In Search 2020 Top Search Terms


21. Rna Sequence Of Covid19. This 8kb Of Data Is Responsible For All The Chaos Out There



22. The Impact Of Smartphones On The Camera Industry


23. Trump Voters Are Less Likely To Have A College Degree


24. What Percent Of Social Media Content Are Ads?



25. Causes Of Financial Loss In The USA, 2011


26. Blockbuster Video Us Store Locations Between 1986 And 2019


27. 11 Different Brands Of Aa Batteries, Tested In Identical Flashlights



28. States Kanye West Received Votes In


29. I Ran A Quick Poll Last Week On Digital Transformation


30. Would You Rather Be Hot Or Cold?

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