30 Hilarious Hillbilly Wedding Photos

Are you the type who’s always found traditional wedding attire a little drab? Would you rather have a wedding that served up real booze and Coors Light instead of fancy wines that don’t even come in a box? If you answered “hell yeah” to either of those questions, you’ve come to the right place. These redneck wedding photos prove that true love comes in all shapes, sizes, and patterns. (Most specifically: camo.)

From shotgun brides actually carrying shotguns to hillbilly wedding parties that just flat out refuse to wear sleeves, these country wedding folks have taken redneck wedding ideas to the next level. Make as many redneck jokes as you want, but these camo wedding cakes and fancy moonshine mason jars are enough to make any Southern bride and groom squeal with delight. You may call them white trash, but at least they got to be comfortable, stylish, and full of beer on their big day. It’s more than we can say for the stuck up fancy outdoor weddings the city folk dream about.

Only Use the Fancy Moonshine Mugs for Very Special Occassions

Who Says You Gotta Wait Til the Honeymoon to Bang?

The Chicest His and Hers Wedding Cakes

Who Needs Wedding Announcements When You Have This Father-in-Law?

Nothing Says “I Love You” Like His and Hers Camo Rings

Make Sure Ya’ll Get Some Quality Fiddler’s for the First Dance

The Bride Takes an Elegant Smoke Break on Her Modern Day Carriage

The Bride Enjoys the Couple’s Signature Cocktail

Head to the Reception Tent: Dinner Is Served

You May Now Kiss the Bride (if You Can Find Her)

Definitive Proof That There Really Is Someone for Everyone

Don’t Let Go or You Won’t Be Able to Find Her

Luckily, the Groomsman Can Easily Wear These Outfits to Parties Later on

Can’t Tame These Guns

Grandpa Brought a Double Barrel to Ward Off the Groom’s Cold Feet

Surprisingly NOT the First Time She Had to Do This

A Sweet Milestone: the Couple’s First Mud Wrestle

Has Anyone Seen the Wedding Party?

Quite Possibly the Only Bride Ever Thrilled to Be Dumped on Her Wedding Day

FYI: A Gun Isn’t Actually Required for a Shotgun Wedding

Now That’s What We Call Flower Girls

Dancing in Heels (or Wearing Shoes at All) Is for City Folk

Select Your Pastor with Care, You Only Get Married 3 or 4 Times

His Teeth Though

A Beautiful Cake That Celebrates the Couple’s Interests

A Wedding Outfit Fit for a Princess

The Bride Freshens up Before the Reception

An Orange Mohawk Goes Perfectly with His Sleeveless Camo Suit

Make Sure You Leave Your Ring Hand Free for the Ceremony

Sleeves Definitely Not Required on the Most Important Day of Your Life


30 Hilarious Hillbilly Wedding Photos

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