30 Maps That Will Change Your View Of The World

1. In Which State You Can Find The Highest Percentage Of People With Ancestry From Every European Country?


2. The Roman Empire vs. The Mongol Empire At Their Peaks



3. Language Map Of China



4. Europe In The Style Of Super Mario


5. Terminology Of The British And Irish Isles


6. People Employed In Science And Technology In Europe



7. Brazil Had Straight Borders In 1534


8. Oldest Still Open Universities In Europe (The Word University Is Omitted On The Map)


9. Number Of Tourists Per Capita Of Every European Country



10. The Iberian Peninsula At Night By Nasa


11. Map Of What Would Become Paris In 508


12. Percentage Of People Living In Apartments In Europe



13. World Map Mural


14. A Map Of All Of The World’s Roads


15. Animals Of The World Map

16. When Did Interracial Marriage Become Legal In Each U.s State?


17. Abstract World Map


18. Nobody Lives Here – Norway: Green Blocks Of 25km2 Where Nobody Lives



19. Most Common Car Brand In Each County In Europe




20. Here’s A Hand-Drawn Map Of The Byzantine Empire I Made A Few Years Ago


21. Countries That Recognizes The Uyghur Genocide As Of February 26, 2021



22. Ottoman Empire 1587 – Murad III (Labeled)


23. Huge Scale Model Of The Port Of Montreal At The Port Hq


24. Literacy Rate By Age Group Map



25. Current Phone Codes Of The World


26. Isochronic Map Of Travel Times Between Paris And The Main Cities Of France In 1700s (Map Made In 1898)


27. Hand-Drawn Map Of The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth In 1618, By Me



28. Ancient Lakes Of The Sahara


29. The United States Redrawn As Fifty States With Equal Population, 2010 Census


30. Satellite Map Of The Island From The TV Show “Lost”



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