30 New Words Just Added To The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

GOAT: Greatest of all time

Hangry: irritable or angry because of hunger

Adorbs: extremely charming or appealing

Hophead: a beer enthusiast

Zoodles: a long, thin strip of zucchini that resembles a string or narrow ribbon of pasta

Airplane mode: an operating mode for an electronic device (such as a mobile phone) in which the device does

not connect to wireless networks and cannot send or receive communications

Guac: pureed or mashed avocado seasoned with condiments

CBD: a nonintoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp

Instagramming: to post (a picture) to the Instagram photo-sharing service

Bingeable: having multiple episodes or parts that can be watched in rapid succession

Latinx: a gender-neutral alternative to Latina and Latino

Barn burner: an event, typically a sports contest, that is very exciting or intense..

Bat hide: A dollar bill. Mainly in the Southwest.

Bonnyclabber: Thick, sour milk. Mainly in the north Atlantic.

Counterpin: A bedspread. Mainly in the South and south mid-America.

Croker sack: A burlap bag. Mainly in the Gulf states, south Atlantic. Tow sack: a burlap bag. Mainly in the South, south midland, Texas, Oklahoma.

Cuddy: A small room, closet, or cupboard.

Cup towel: A dish towel. Mainly in Texas, inland south region. Dish wiper: Also a dish towel. Mainly in New England.

Daddock: Rotten wood, a rotten log. Mainly in New England. Dozy: Bunch of decaying wood. Mainly in the Northeast, especially Maine.

Dropped egg: A poached egg. Mainly in New England.

Ear screw: An earring. Mainly in the Gulf States, lower Mississippi Valley.

Emptins: Homemade yeast used as starter in bread. Mainly in New England, upstate New York.

Farmer match: A wooden match than can be struck on any surface. Mainly in the upper Midwest,

Great Lakesregion, New York, West Virginia.

Fleech: To coax, wheedle, flatter. Mainly in the South Atlantic.

Fogo: An offensive smell. Mainly in New England.

Frog strangler: A heavy rain. Mainly in the South, south midland. Goose drownder: Also, heavy rain.

Mainly in the midland.

Trash mover: A heavy rain. Used mainly in mid-Atlantic, south Atlantic,

I vum: I swear, I declare. Mainly in New England.

Larbo: A type of candy made of maple syrup on snow. Mainly in New Hampshire.

Last button on Gabe’s coat: The last bit of food. Mainly in the South, south midland.

Marg: a cocktail consisting of tequila, lime or lemon juice, and an orange-flavored liqueur

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